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  • Lauren Nairne

The Rise of the Fashionable Leotard

For the majority of our dancers, time spent in dancing clothes be it a crop top and shorts or leotard heavily outweighs the time they would spend in normal clothes.

As a result, we have really started to see a rise in the ‘fashionable leotards’. The trend that flows from the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week seems to make their way into the shelves of our local dance stores in colour, texture and pattern.

In Australia, AinslieWear is most certainly leading the way in the fashion leotard department. Imported from Canada and now being stocked in over 18 stores across Australia & New Zealand, the innovative designs and luxury fabrics (lace’s direct from Europe) make it highly sought after.

Their hero piece is the zip front leotard which will often be seen on Principals from The Royal Ballet & American Ballet Theatre. The AW1062 leotard comes in such beautiful designs there is most certainly something for everyone

The most recent Holiday Collection made a very BOLD statement and some equally BOLD sales in Australia and New Zealand to match. Our favourite would be this stunning Freya leotard seen below on San Francisco Ballet dancer, Jasmine Jimison.

So, the next time your dancer is looking for a new leotard, take a look, try one on, and I promise you, the quality will be like no other leotard you have tried before. You won’t want to wear anything else.

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