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About Us

Who are we?

​Founded in 2012, The Dancers Market is comprised of Sonia, a hard-working former dance mum, and Lauren, her dancing daughter. The pair are committed to making old memories new again, and helping small businesses gain more visibility all at a fraction of the cost.



Our Story, According to Lauren

After eighteen years of dancing on the Gold Coast, our family home was overwhelmed by endless boxes of costumes, shoes, hats, props, and accessories. I had high hopes that my own daughters would one day recycle my old dancing costumes as their own.


As old treasures collected dust, I began to think that maybe there was a better, more immediate way to give my costumes new life. After all, there was no guarantee that my daughters would think mum's old leotard was trendy.


The final push arrived in the form of my fiancé (now husband). His look of horror at the piles and piles of boxes I planned on bringing with me into our new home told me all I needed to know. Most of the boxes wouldn't make it through the front door -- but I couldn't bear to simply throw them away.


And so, with help from my own mother, The Dancers Market was born.


Helping Small Business’ Gain Visibility

Having both owned small businesses previously, we know and appreciate the value of in-person interaction between business and customer. Particularly within tactile industries – like Lauren’s baby brand or Sonia’s time as a wedding dress designer – meeting with your customers face to face is so important.


Once The Dancers Market was established we both quickly realised that we had the opportunity to help small businesses accomplish just that. We could help businesses within the dance industry gain the exposure and visibility they deserved.


We saw a gap in the market, between the abundance of online stores and the lack of opportunity to meet customers face-to-face. Our vision quickly focused on making the industry connection simple again, facilitating a marketplace where people could easily find what they need.


Giving Old Supplies a Second Chance

Having spent decades in the dance industry, we've seen firsthand the commitment of many dance mums, grandmothers, studio owners, teachers, and even dads. We know the hard work and dedication that goes into each competition, from the endless nights sewing costumes and sorting sequins, to the hours spent driving back and forth.


All too often, those costumes and props that demanded countless hours of tireless work end up gathering dust. Dancers Market provides you a chance to give those supplies a new life.


While you may never part with certain sentimental items (like that leotard my grandmother spent three days covering in sequins), we're dedicated to providing a space where you're able to give old costumes and props new loving homes.  


Join Our Next Market

Are you ready to turn your hard-worked hours into well-deserved cash? Get in touch at or visit our Become a Stallholder page to join a Market in your area!

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