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  • Lauren Nairne

Holiday Activities for Dancers Big and Small

As the holidays draw near some of us are elated for the breather from school lunches and busy afternoon dancing drop-offs. The others are scared… scared for how they are going to keep kids occupied in the holidays, scared how much food the kids might consume on the holidays (because why is it they must eat so much more than when they are at school).

Whichever side you’re on it’s always handy to have a few little activities up your sleeve for those days inside.

Holiday activities for little dancers

  • Musical Statues

  • Musical Bob

  • Make up a dance routine to a song of your choice

  • Skipping or galloping obstacle course (around the furniture or some chairs) and then see if they can do it backward.

  • Hula Hoop (see if they can spin it on their arm or on their leg if around their belly is a little hard. Get 2 and do it yourself too… it’s a workout!! And lots of fun!!

  • For our budding little ballerinas, I’ve included a little colouring sheet here that might be fun and entertaining.

Holiday activities for older dancers

  • Make up a dance routine. Can they remember what they did? Can they do it twice over? Give them a time frame and a song they have to choreograph too and get them to perform it. Maybe they can make something up for someone else. Maybe… they can even teach you.

  • Cosmic kids yoga. I’m a big fan!

  • Action words game. You give them some words (I’ve made a list here to help you) and then they have to show you an action for those words. Maybe to extend the older ones they can even join them all together into a small routine at the end.

  • Copy a music video. Find a music video and make your dancer learn the routine of the video. She how much they can learn.

  • Watch old dancing DVDs and see if they can teach themselves another class routine.

  • Design your own tutu. I’ve made a little template for you to make it easier. Click Here

  • Makeup practice. On themselves or maybe on another willing participant. 🙂

Although I’m a big believer in holidays are for relaxing, especially when our dancers lead such busy lives during the term with school and dance and other commitments, sometimes it’s hard to keep them down.

The main thing is that throughout the downtime they keep their bodies moving, this will help prevent injuries, keep their flexibility, and do wonders for their mental health.

Take a walk, a ride, or a swim these holidays. Get outdoors and enjoy the downtime with your dancers. It doesn’t happen very often. Enjoy!

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