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  • Lauren Nairne

Tap Shoe Laces Taking Too Much Time?

Changing Tap Shoe Laces To Elastic

It’s been one of those jobs I’ve had on my list for ages and never got around to completing.

For some reason, our lace up tap shoes has really short laces. It makes it very difficult for the younger dancers to do them up.

I understand they are probably short to stop them tripping but it makes transitions to classes slow and time-consuming.

Growing up I always had buckle shoes but when I went to full-time dance at ED5International, laces were in and buckles were out. The changes were fast and I wasn’t prepared!

I was introduced to this style of elastic that year and it made life SO MUCH EASIER.

So why did it take me so long to change Poppy’s tap shoes to elastic??? To be honest, I’m not sure haha

It’s life-changing.

You have 2 options

1 - laces up and knotted at the top.

Perfectly fine and tight which is wonderful also seamless and a great visual on the foot.

2 - laced up and looped over.

This is my preferred option. I like this style because it allows you to open the shoe as you would with laces to get it on the foot. You quickly double (or triple) loop the elastic under the foot. I think it also provides some great support under the arch.

An easy change either way and life-changing for a quick change or for that friendly senior or lovely teacher who has multiple little feet to change between ballet and tap!

My black elastic was purchased at spotlight. 3mm black braided elastic.

Good luck!

Happy Tapping!

see both options here

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