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  • Lauren Nairne

How To Change Schools Gracefully

As dancers, it’s not uncommon to change schools these days.

Back when I was dancing, you stayed where you were, you were loyal and you trusted the process, the teachers, and I loved it.

I danced at the same studio from when I started at 2 until I turned 18 and moved to Sydney to study full time. Shock Horror!

Nowadays, that’s almost unheard of.

They were the very best days of my life.

But if you’re going to change schools, there are ways to do it, to move on gracefully. Even when the tensions may be high, or problems may have dealt with, there is still a way to be graceful, show respect, and hold your head high.

Remember ‘be nice to everyone on your way up, you may meet them again on your way down,’

Here are some things to consider when changing schools.

  • DO Not Text

I repeat do not text. Or send an email, or a letter. Call or even better have a conversation. Don’t let anyone read into the situation because you have failed to let them know how you feel in person. You know I’m right… just don’t do it.

  • The very next interaction makes an effort to go and say hi

The first time is always the hardest. Encourage your dancer to approach their friends, their teachers and make an effort to say hi. Next time, it won’t be so hard. If you don’t… the next time will only be harder.

  • Tell your friends in person

You owe it to them. Both your Mum friends and your dancer’s friends.

  • Don’t bad mouth

Be a good person. Even if there are issues. They are between you and the studio/teacher. Not between you and every person who asks. And DO NOT put things on Facebook/ social media. It makes you look bad more than anyone else.

  • Remember the grass isn’t always greener

And if you have done the things I’ve said above… maybe the other studio might just have you back when you figure it out.

  • Say Thankyou

It’s the least you can do. Besides, it’s likely that your dancer loves to dance because of them… or they are good and the reason you’re moving is because you believe they are too good for that studio and need ‘extending’. Remember who got you there. They deserve a thankyou at least.

  • Be a good person

The community is too small. Be a good person and encourage/stress that your dancer does the same. Keep your head high and your smile bright.

Making the choice is hard. Making the change is harder.

And if you’ve got an issue, or you’re thinking about moving for one reason or another. Give your studio the opportunity to fix whatever is wrong. If you don’t say anything at all, you never know what could have been.

Happy Dancing!

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