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  • Lauren Nairne

How To Change Dance Shoe Colour

Imagine the frustration when you’ve bought tan tap shoes in January only to discover that in June your teacher changes her mind and thinks black would be better!!!

Dance shoes are expensive. Don’t they realise?!!

But there is an affordable solution to change the colour of your shoes without the expense of a new pair.

How do I change the colour of my dance shoes?

Tap shoes, Jazz shoes, leather ballet shoes, chorus shoes can all use the below step-by-step guide to colour change.

1. Buy good quality shoe colour change from your local shoe maker, mister minute, or dance store. Waproo is the best brand for quality shoe colour.

2. Clean and dry your shoes with a slightly damp cloth or wipe.

3. Stuff the shoe with newspaper or shoe horn to fill out the shoe.

4. Cover any buckles/ taps or areas which shouldn’t be coloured with masking tape.

5. Give the shoe a good either paint or spray to cover with the new colour.

6. Allow to dry in between coats. Give at least 2 coats to get good coverage.

Black shoes are the hardest to colour change and will require additional coats. I would recommend not changing the colour of the sole of the shoe as this will cause the shoe to become slippery and dangerous.

So the next time you need black shoes but you only have tan save yourself some $.

Good Luck!

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