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  • Lauren Nairne

Dance Underwear

What is it, why is it needed, where do I get it?

I was at a well-known Dance Competition a few weeks ago (which isn’t uncommon at this time of year). I was going about my business with my particular group and I couldn’t help but notice the studio sharing our dressing room had the kids in a line checking to see if their every day underwear was hanging out the bottom of their leotard and whether it could be seen under their stockings.

My initial thoughts were

  • Do they not know about dance underwear?

  • Has their teacher not told them to go and purchase dance underwear?

  • Have they not thought that Peppa Pig bright yellow undies weren’t a great choice today?

Either way, I quickly checked my group, didn’t have the same issue, and went about my day, with my group.

But it got me thinking...

More people need to know the wonderful world of dance undies.

So here goes…

What is Dance Underwear

Dance Underwear is generally skin tone in appearance and seamless. It fits firmly with no seams to avoid added bulkiness under any costume or leotard.

Why is Dance Underwear Important

Dance Underwear keeps the leotard nicely fitted to the body without unattractive lumps and bumps from bunching underwear. Dance Underwear is high-waisted and similar in cut to ballet leotards and costumes. It also is more appropriate for quick changes and tights/stocking changes that may need to happen throughout the day.

Where do I buy Dance Underwear

Dance Underwear can be found at your local dance retailer. We recommend the Energetiks Dance Briefs or Studio 7 Seamless Briefs.

You can buy dance underwear from Dance Desire here.

Are there different types of Dance Underwear?

There are most brands have similar styles when it comes to dance underwear. Brands do differ in quality, thickness, and durability.

Dance Underwear can vary in colour shade to match your dancer's skin tone and also comes in full brief or G-string.

Available for males and females. Adults and Children.

Do yourself a favour and purchase a few pairs. One for your dance bag each week and another exclusively for competitions and concerts.

You will thank me!

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