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  • Lauren Nairne

5 Things for Dance Mums Do at the Beginning of Each Month.

Our dancers have busy lives, we as parents have busy lives and sometimes the month ahead can be overwhelming to think about.

Here are 5 ways that can help you avoid a monthly meltdown, stay in control, and be on top of everything that’s going on.

Check your diary

Just make sure there isn’t anything that has slipped your mind. An extra rehearsal, tickets to a show or concert that’s slipped your mind, comps, concerts, or parties.

Give yourself a good overview of the month ahead.

Clean out your dancer's dance bag

Make sure that there isn’t a dead pair of tights at the bottom of the bag or a hidden container of cut-up apple pieces. Nothing worse right? Give it a clean and a wipeout to start afresh.

Check tights for holes and ensure pins are well stocked

Because you know that when it comes to it, your dancer is going to run a ladder in her tights or tell you she has run out of bun pins on the exact day she needs them…. Isn’t that always the way?

Take a quiet moment for yourself

This step isn’t exclusively reserved for the beginning of the month and should be a regular occurrence. This is just your monthly reminder to take some time for you.

Finalise any outstanding bills or competitions entries

Don’t fall behind, and don’t miss those closing dates for your dancer's favourite comp. Nothing worse than feeling behind on those tasks. Staying on top of it at the beginning of each month will give you a clear indication of where you stand financially for the rest of the month.


Has your dancer got a band concert on at school that clashes with her extra rehearsal or perhaps he is going on camp this month and will miss Grade 5 ballet and Jazz on the 15th? Communicate with your teacher, get out in front. Be honest and upfront. These things happen.

It’s also important to communicate with your family. Let them know it’s a big month coming up. Chat about what’s happening and how you can all work together to make busy schedules happen seamlessly.

It is possible.

What else do you do at the start of a fresh month?

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