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We need to talk about DWTS and how amazing the US version is at the moment

20 Oct 2015 10:43 PMLauren Nairne
We need to talk about DWTS and how amazing the US version is at the moment


Where do I even start.... I could write about this show and how amazing this season is every week.  I follow it closely online, i'm a big Ballroom and Latin fan and the US professional dancers in this series are among the best in the world not only at Latin and Ballroom but every week they are killing every style!  


This week they tackled 'famous dances' so as you can imagine I was already excited and I hadn't seen a single clip yet! 


Just watch this opening routine... It needs no explanation it's AMAZING!


Following this epic opening they had Vogue - Madonna, Jailhouse Rock - Elvis, Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson honestly you could spend hours watching the clips and behind the scene stuff it's so good.  Remember one half of these couples is not a dancer!!!


And then there was Bindi, I was worried when I read the tag on the youtub clip that said '(I've had) The Time Of My Life'.  It's one of my favourite movies, it's one of the most iconic dances of all time and I was really worried... really worried she would butcher the number for me.  But she nailed it... even the lift she killed it! Two big thumbs up for Bindi YOU GO GIRL!













Sure the water was alittle cheesy, and I needed to cover my ears when Derek said 'nobody puts Bindi in a corner' but Derek Hough truely is one of this generations most amazing dancers. Between him and his sister (who was on the judging panel this week) what an amazing family! 


My other fav for the night was Nick Carter.  Now i'm not sure if it's becuase I was a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan or if he was genuinely good and i'm just watching it with my 90's teenage glasses on.  I think it was awesome! 



You can watch all the other routines HERE and these are just my personal picks! Subscribe to their channel, even if you're not a massive fan of Ballroom and Latin dance it's entertainment at its best each and every week! 


Check back in a few weeks when i'm having 'DWTS Season Finale' depression.