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Introducing Myself!

18 Jan 2013 9:00 AMSupport Person
Introducing Myself!

I spent my childhood at Dancing and at countless competitions which lead to a huge build up of costumes and props, shoes, bags and dance 'stuff'...I find ebay useful but it would take me literally hours and hours to sell each item individually and I just don't think I have that kind of patience!  I also wanted a way to make sure my items went to a good home... a dancer who would love the costume as much as I loved them when I wore them!


The idea of the Dancers Market was born in 2012 and I will never forget the loud YES from my mum who was initially most excited that perhaps the 25 boxes of dance goods would decrease to maybe... 12?


Mum and I are both very excited about meeting everyone at the Dancers Markets across Australia in 2013.  Come and say Hi!

We would love to hear your stories too... My Mumma loves a good chat haha!


Lots of Love and Happy Dancing

Lauren xx