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Ideas for Ballet Dancers - During COVID-19

5 Apr 2020 9:02 PMLauren Nairne
Ideas for Ballet Dancers - During COVID-19

Have you got a ballet lover sitting at home waiting for the world to change? 



It must be hard trying to keep an extremely active dancer at home confide to launge room classes when all they want is a Grande Allegro class full of just and turns without the kitchen bench in the way.  


But help is here, we can’t move your kitchen bench but we can provide them with a list of resources they might not have discovered yet that will help them navigate this crazy COVID-19 period. 


I hope these help 


Full Length Ballet Productions Online 


The Australian Ballet - Sleeping Beauty 


A Brilliant David McAllister production of Sleeping Beauty. 

I love that they have included the the synopsis of each act, it was a great way for me to help my 5 year old understand.  We loved watching it together. 


Paris Opera Ballet - Swan Lake 


Does it get any better than the Paris Opera Ballet performing Swan Lake?   If we can’t see it in real life (Brisbane season has been cancelled) then this is definitely the next best thing.   

But be quick, because it is only available until the 5th of April (at this stage).  


Ballet Classes Online 


Where ever you look at the moment you can find online classes.  Some good, some bad and some too short to really tickle your fancy (who usually does a 20 minute ballet class only… nobody)


Here are my favourite classes that’s I’ve come across. 


Adam Boreland - Orlando Ballet 

That is a link to Adam’s Youtube.  You will find barre classes, stretch classes and even a full length advanced class.  

All exercise comfortably in your own home.  

Click Here


English National Ballet - Tamara Rojo 


English National Ballet have done a fantastic job with their online classes.  They haven’t ‘dumbed them down’ at all, it’s fast and HARD. 

Click Here


Ballet Resources

I love these colouring in pages for dancers.  

Perfect to keep them busy and mindful, calm and collected in these uncertain times. 


For older dancers - Click Here

For younger dancers - Click Here



What else are you using?  Tell us below.  

Keep sane, keep healthy and keep dancing (in some way) 


Lauren x