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How babyballet® can change your studio

9 Nov 2018 7:52 AMLauren Nairne
How babyballet® can change your studio

Meet studio owner, Jessica McLaughlin from Terpsichore Dance Company.



Prior to implementing babyballet® into your studio, what did your preschool program look like?

“I had 50 preschool students and we were never able to get morning sessions going no matter what we tried. We taught using our own syllabus and it just wasn’t working for us as effectively as it should have been.”


Why did you consider babyballet® as a solution to improving the effectiveness of your preschool program?

“We needed to try a branded program and after much research, babyballet® stood out as the most comprehensive on the market. It gave me confidence because it was a program that had been tried and tested for 13 years to date and it was important that I chose a program that was inclusive of both little boys and girls.


What does your preschool program look like since implementing babyballet®?

“We began using the program in March of 2017 and I am so proud to say that we ended that dance year with 99 preschoolers and 12 classes per week.”


How have parents responded to the program?

“They just love it. It is important for them to see progression and their little one improving. babyballet® does just that and when it comes to parent participation week, they adore sitting in on class and seeing their little one receive their student certificate.”


And your teachers, do they enjoy the program also?

“They can’t wait to teach it every week. It is so easy for them as the classes are all pre-planned and so easy for them to learn. The songs and content of each class make it effortless for them to engage their students and that is what we needed in order to better our preschool program and grow.”


What advice would you give to a fellow studio owner considering the babyballet® program?

“Enquire and ask as many questions are you can. When I was considering the program, the customer service team at babyballet® really put my mind at ease and supported me as I made what ended up being such a great decision for my studio.”


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As a babyballet® licensee you will receive access to the full syllabus with four stages of dance classes that are specifically designed for each age group that your students can progress through. Each stage is created in such a way that ensures the program is suitable for boys and girls of all abilities. Promoting growth and development, all babyballet® classes are non-competitive and taught in a relaxed and welcoming environment.


A babyballet® license will also give you:

  • An exclusive zone to market and run your babyballet® classes within.

  • Access to the babyballet® members portal where all program information, videos, music and teaching manuals are kept, updated regularly and made fully accessible to you and your teachers.

  • Use of the babyballet® name, life size mascots Twinkle and Teddy, branding, media and PR as well as all artwork when marketing your classes.

  • Inclusion of your studio’s details on the babyballet® website that will make it easy for new students in your area to find you.

  • Ongoing support from the full team in Australia and the UK who are there to support you in making sure that babyballet® works for you and meets your studio’s needs.


Complete the ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM or EMAIL US today to chat with Kat from the team about how you can build a thriving preschool dance department in your studio by starting your new dance year with the world’s leading preschool dance program, babyballet®.