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If you run a business you need to know about the latest changes to Google

1 Mar 2016 9:23 PMLauren Nairne
If you run a business you need to know about the latest changes to Google


In the past few weeks we have seen Google make a few MASSIVE changes.  As if it wasn't hard enough to understand their confusing Google Adwords now we have to wrap our heads around yet another change. 


So what have they done?

Ads that used to appear on the 'right side' of the page, usually ads through Adwords Express are now appearing at the top and the bottom of each page, nothing (yet) is appearing on the right hand side of google searches. 


What will this mean for my business?

If you currently have an active Adwords express ad with Google or a 'right side' campaign you may start to notice less impressions, increased cost-per-click and a lower page ranking. 





What should I do?

While Google rolls this new change out globally i'm going to sit tight for a few days/week and watch your campain results closely.  While panic sets in you may be lucky as other pull campaigns yours may get a little burst up the page rankings by luck... we like luck! 

If you start to notice an increase in your adwords monthly spend or considerably less impressions I would prehaps consider swapping, if you don't already have one to a Google Adwords account where we pay for keywords and phrases rather than ads.  


You never know what Google has up their sleeve, something for the right side of their page though is my guess! 


Sit tight... don't panic!

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I'm not an expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination, I speak from experience regarding my own ad campaigns, having run them for quite some time now.  I write with advise based on what I myself will be doing with my business :)