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Donations for the Dance Community in Bundaberg

2 Feb 2013 9:00 AMSupport Person
Donations for the Dance Community in Bundaberg

Included in the huge donation

Ballet tights, Ballet Shoes, Hairspray, Bobby Pins, Hairnets, Hair Gel, Rosin, Cotton Wool, Paint, Material, Elastic, Sponges, Make up Wipes, Spray Bottles, T-shirts, Leg warmers & Tights

Over 20 Pairs of Signed Pointe Shoes

4 x Large Rolls of Tarkett (About 35 Metres we think)


Dancers were excited (and a little shocked) that their used and loved Pointe shoes would make these kids smile :) I know that a pair of Ballerinas Pointe Shoes hanging on my door or the barre of my dancing studio when I was a kid would have made my day and we hope that it does the same for these kids.

Lauren xx