Dance Podcasts, Movies and Shows I love

24 Sep 2020 1:11 PMLauren Nairne
Dance Podcasts, Movies and Shows I love

I think I’m late to the party, but I have been consuming a lot of NEW content this month. Television shows, podcasts, movies… I’ve made a conscious effort to watch new things not just Blue Bloods on repeat… Tom Selleck fan right here!


Some business ones, some parenting ones (I’m not sharing those ones though because that’s a rabbit hole) and obviously some GREAT dance podcasts and movies I really enjoyed.


I would love to hear from you in the comments below, what are you loving lately? 



Here is some of the content I consumed this month:



The Tim Ferriss Show - #444 Hugh Jackman on best decisions, daily routines, the 85% rule, favourite exercises, mind training and much more



If I had written a blog about the content I consumed last month, this podcast would also be at the list.  I think I’ve listened to it 5 times now and I’ll probably listen to it 5 times again. 

There are so many incredible lessons in this podcast that every dancer can learn from.  So many lightbulb moments and so many incredible stories.  Hugh Jackman – Marry Me!


Do yourself and your dancer a favour and listen to this podcast… TODAY!


Dance Movie:

Feel The Beat - Netflix


I’m the generation of dancers that was a teenager when Centre Stage came out, as well as Coyote Ugly, Honey and the other classics.  I’m well versed and a harsh critic when it comes to dance movies but I actually really liked this one. 


The main reason why I loved it so much was the leading lady Sofia Carson can actually dance!  How refreshing in a dance movie!


It’s a good family film, watch it with your kids.  It’s predictable but I still enjoyed it.



Success With Jess – Jess Siwa

Episode #2 Everyone Wants to Fit In



I listened to the podcast on one of my weekly walks while my dancer was at class but apparently each episode is also a Youtube video (of course they are the Siwa’s) but I haven’t watched the footage yet. 


I LOVED this particular episode.  Great for both dance mums and dancers.  It was a wonderful insight to how Jess handles the haters and also how she keeps her family grounded.  Some of the stories were lovely and I had so many moments wondering how I could integrate her lessons she was talking about into my own parenting style.  I’m subscribed!


These are only 3 of my favourites this month.  But there are lots more. 

If you’re a business brain, then Work Party is my hot favourite this month.  So many more, but I always love a recommendation so leave a comment below if there is something that you loved that I should add to my list. 


Happy listening, happy watching!