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10 Reasons Why Being a 'Dance Mum' is harder than we think

25 Feb 2016 7:26 PMLauren Nairne
10 Reasons Why Being a 'Dance Mum' is harder than we think


Before I start this post I must say that my own mumma was a brilliant soccer mum and if I one day am blessed with a little boy I will strive to be a perfect cricket (not by choice) mum.   Nothing against other ‘mums’ i’m simply showing a little love to the hard working dance mums of today!


Even with popular television shows filling our networks and lengthy discussions on social media forums, there are so many tasks involved with being the perfect dance mum that we rarely stop to think about. 


Sure they may cause teachers ‘some’ headaches and drive ‘some’ eisteddfod organisations around the twist but they don’t get enough credit… do you know what’s involved?  You need to take more time to appreciate what your dance mum/dad/aunt/grandma does or has done for you.  Or you need to take a moment now to pat yourself on the back… Dance Mums of the world - You Are Awesome!


1 – Putting in music at comps - it’s stressful!

You may spend hours labelling your 10 solo CD’s at home only to get to the music table and realise you haven’t labelled Poppy’s lyrical CD,  S*i% does she start on or off?  Is there a tag?  How the heck would I know?  Gosh I should have paid more attention during her rehearsals….

Flustered and stressed you now need put your 10 little solo CD’s into 10 little bins making 100% certain they go into the 10 correct sections in perfect numerical order.  Maybe dropping off at Soccer and making sure you packed the right boots seems a lot less stressful!


2 – Packing costumes for concert is harder than packing your family for an overseas vacation

I must admit though since the birth of the costume roller costume bag this is actually now made a little easier for us, however you still need to check the list 500 times just to make sure you have everything from head to toe including those little diamante hair pins that seem just to vanish into thin air.  

Socks, different colour fishnets, undies, 500 pieces of costume and accessories all need to be packed, labelled in an easy to comprehend solution for fast changes. 

And lets not even talk about unpacking them after… how can they not learn to hang their costumes back up after they have worn them?

3 – Washing Costumes

Bleaching cricket whites to remove grass stains or washing soccer shorts 100 times to remove the smell is no match for a dance mum who has to hand was every single piece of costume to ensure not a single crystal is out of place.  Those bad boys are expensive you know!


4 – Sewing & Bedazzling

There is simply no magnification level strong enough to successfully pick up that tiny little gemstone and place it ever so carefully, without shaking or dripping/smudging glue onto tulle 1000 times successfully. 


5 – It’s cheap to have a dancer in the family… said no one EVER!

Will that be Cheque, Savings or DANCE today?


6 – Quick Changes

Dance mums armed with tools looking like a cleaner going into a home that’s just been destroyed by a raging party can often be seen running the hallways of local theatres in December.



That's me and my 'dance mum' (plus baby Poppy)


7 – Sitting through the concert, it’s not easy

They play musical seats running back and forward between numbers to help you with your changes. Or, they sit getting more and more anxious as the hours go on whether you have changed and remembered all your accessories and didn’t ladder your tights in the quick change.  Either way it’s stressful!


8 – Keeping track of competition schedules should be a job title

Keeping track of what act they are up to, how many until you need to submit the music, then how many in between each act do you have to change.  And that’s just with one ballroom, running 2 or 3 ballroom schedules should be a university degree.  I’m not actually sure what you do when you have all this and multiple dancers to worry about… no wonder why you drink… I don’t blame you J


9 – They pick up the pieces when competitions are over

Whether results didn’t go your way or whether your dancer is just tired and cranky when the competition, concert or class is over being a dance mum doesn’t stop.  They pick up the pieces and act as councillor, therapist and friend when nobody else is around.  Seeing the faces of disappointed kids, sad kids and tired kids makes the job hard.  There isn’t any training that equips dance mums to convince their dancer that we believe in them when often they have forgotten to believe in themselves.


10 – Remember they often have other kids too

Dance mum, soccer mum, cleaner, chef, therapist and friend.  When the dance mum hat comes off for the day dance mums still miraculously make time to wear all the other hats too…. Hopefully though sometimes the ‘relaxation time out’ hat gets a good workout too.  They sure earn that hat!




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