Stall Holder Information


Stall Hire Includes:

  • One trestle table - Table size is most commonly 1.8m by 60cm.  
  • Dancers Market will be in touch closer to your market day with exact measurements. 
  • One chair - You will be notified closer to the date if more chairs are available or if you are required to provide your own. 
  • Each stall is also allocated approximately half metre on the side of your table for clothes racks or other display. Please note racks are not to be circular, bulky or over-sized. 
  • Free Entry for Stall holder and one other stall member.
  • Market day support 
  • Space for 3 Large items which must be clearly labelled and placed in the ‘large items display area’ 
  • Public Liability Insurance


Stall Location:

Dancers Market will allocate all stall locations prior to the date of the market. These are allocated making sure where possible similar products and categories are spread around the market. Stall allocations are final and those stalls booked first will receive higher traffic area stall locations where possible.


It may be necessary to rearrange stall locations on market day to improve traffic flow and layout. Where possible stallholders will be notified prior if these changes do occur. Maps and directions for stall locations will be provided on market day so please check or ask a member of staff for any assistance. 


Goods placed in front of your stall must not be deeper than half metre.  This causes congestion in the aisles and if your goods are congesting the aisles Dancers Market staff will ask you to rearrange.


Dancers Market has a designated area for large items (props, chairs, backdrops, tables ect) placing clearly marked items (using the labels provided) in this area will leave more space at your table for smaller items (shoes, accessories, materials, costumes ect)


Set up and pack up time:

Doors open to stallholders between 7am - 7.30am (subject to venue) Stallholders will be advised of exact opening times closer to the market date.  Doors are closed at 8.30am (subject to venue) and if at this time stallholders have not arrived Dancers Market staff will rearrange if necessary. There is no refund to absent stallholders.  All stalls must be set-up and ready to trade by 8.50am  (subject to venue) and trade until 1pm (or 1.30pm in WA) that day.  We suggest that you arrive early to avoid congestion when unloading your vehicle in the designated areas.


When transferring goods in and out of the venue, please DO NOT drag items across the floor. Any damage (ie scratching) will result in the stall holder having to pay all related damages.  If you are placing racks, buckets, boxes on the floor please ensure these do not scratch.  It may be necessary to place a towel or rug underneath to avoid damage.


Clothes Racks:

You can bring one or two small clothes racks to place on the side of your table on market day.  Circular, large commercial racks, over-sized homemade racks are not permitted.  Any racks that take up more space than is allocated will not be approved on market day.  You will have approximately 50cm beside your table to place your rack.  You will be asked to remove any racks that do not meet these guidelines on market day.


Please note - Dancers Market does not provide any racks for hire, you are required to provide your own.


Large Items:

It is important that only clean, safe, good quality, functional items are sold in the designated areas. Items must be complete with all screws, cables, quantity (where necessary) and size dimensions (if not assembled).  If assembly is not possible due to size please provide photos of assembled items to avoid confusion.   


Any items that are not clean, functional or in good condition will not be accepted by the Dancers Market staff.  We ensure our customers that they are buying quality and functional products.


Drop off for large items is strictly between 7.30am -8.30am (subject to venue).  Any large items which arrive after this time will not be accepted. 


All large items must be clearly marked using the labels provided.  If you did not print prior large item labels will be available from Dancers Market staff on the day. Print your large items label here.


Although Dancers Market strictly controls this area, we do not take any responsibility for loss, theft or damage of pieces placed within this designated area.


Items that are not collected from the large items area on Market day will be left at the venue. 


Dancers Market will pass on the stall holder details post market date if any products sold are damaged or faulty.



We understand many hands make light work.  All ‘helpers’ are required to leave the hall at 8.45 when doors are closed prior to the opening of doors to the public at 9am (or 9.30am in WA) 



Please DO NOT OBSTRUCT any Exits within the venue at any point throughout the day. 


Stall Holder Conduct and pre-sales:

Stall holders are not permitted to buy or place on hold any items from other stall holders before 9am.  We have many waiting customers outside who deserve an equal opportunity to purchase.  


Any stall holders who are in breach of this guideline will be asked to leave the market and will forfeit their stall fee. 



Dancers Market offers no refunds on stall fees. So please choose carefully


Advertising of other products and services:

Stall Holders ARE NOT permitted to promote or advertise any other products or services not included in stall booking.  Dancers Market is not a launching platform for studios to gain new students or advertise their studio classes.  Anyone in breach of this guideline will be asked to leave the venue and will forfeit all fees.

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