2019 Dancers Market
Visibility Matters

Selling costumes, accessories, shoes or dancewear second hand isn't as easy as throwing some things on a table and hoping for the best.  To ensure you get the best results and the most sales as possible we have given you some of our best tips below.  Have a read and hopefully some of them will help you move some of your second hand dance gear.


Things to consider when going through your costumes

  • Is the elastic had it? If yes, throw it out or replace it!
  • Has the lycra started to disintergrate? If yes, throw it out.  
  • Is it heavily stained? Can it be washed?  If not, throw it out.  
  • How old is the garment?  If its a g-string leotard, or has shoulder pads bigger than the pal of your hands... I know that was once the fashion but perhaps it has had it's day.  
  • What would it be worth?  If the answer is $2 maybe it's worth donating it to a better cause...
  • Would you put your daughter/son in this costume in it's current condition?  If you answered no, then perhaps it needs the bin or if it's ok perhaps it could be donated.  


Pricing Second Hand Items

  • Consider how much you paid for it originally 
  • Consider how many times it has been worn
  • Think about whether the style/colour/material is still relevant or trendy
  • If you were buying it, how much would you want to pay?
  • How badly do you want to get rid of it


Displaying Second Hand Items

  • Make sure things are priced, if they aren't priced individually put a bulk price on the rack or on a display 
  • Make sure the costumes aren't too cramped together.  You need to make it easy for people to find what they need.
  • Check to see if any of your old troupe friends want to go in with you.  One costume can quickly become a duo costume or group costume with more appeal. 
  • Make sure the costumes look like someone cared.   Don't just throw them on the table and hope for the best.  Spend some time going through the costumes and hanging them or fixing small holes, rips etc. 
  • If you have costumes across multiple categories try and arrange them in groups where possible.  Jazz costumes together, tap costumes together or if you have a range of sizes try arranging them in size instead. 


Are you open to offers?  

By putting ONO (or nearest offer) next to the price people may try and bargain with you. 


Do you have more at home that people may be interested in?

Print out some small squares with your name, phone number and/or e-mail address.  People may check you out but not need something yet, give them your number just incase they need something down the track.  You never know and it's so easy to do.  


Be friendly

It's just like running a business.  People want to buy from nice people.  Show an interest in their dancer or try and help them understand what you have to offer that might make their life easier.  


Enjoy yourself! These things shouldn't be stressful.  Enlist the help of a friend you know will make the experience fun and enjoyable.  


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