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Your #1 Eisteddfod Organiser

12 Sep 2015 5:05 AMLauren Nairne
Your #1 Eisteddfod Organiser








Every other person has 1 and the super organised Dance Mum has 4 or 5!!!


The Costume Roller Costume Bag takes the hassel out of organising your solo or group costumes for concerts or eisteddfods.  With the handy zip pockets at the bottom to keep your hair accessories, shoes, undewear or costume bits.  You won't need to rumage through the bottom of your Costume Roller Dancer Bag because it's all there hanging and ready to wear. 



The Costume Roller Costume Bag is superior to anything else currently on the market and here's why...


- It's Australian Owned! Who doesn't want to support Australian small business?

- It fits a standard size coat hanger.  Lets face it, when your looking for those small hangers that only fit your costume bag... we can never find them, right?

- The customer support is exceptional and doesn't require any delay dealing with products that need to be repaired or returned.  The joys when dealing with Australian owned businesses, they can make these decisions straight away eliminating the waiting game when dealing with overseas manufacturers.  

- The plastic used and the quality of the zippers are better than I have seen before.  I have noticed and heard so many people at markets all around the country say how durable the bags are, not having to replace them time and time again... it will save you $$$$


This is just a quick outline of just one of Costume Rollers amazing products.  To check out their other products simply check out their facebook page or ask your local dancestore if they are stocking this years must have.


You could win 2 Costume Roller Costume Bags just by visiting the Dancers Market.  To check dats for your local market Click Here.  


Be Your Best,