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Who your dancers follow on Instagram... and why!

21 Nov 2015 8:25 AMLauren Nairne
Who your dancers follow on Instagram... and why!

The Top 5 Dancers Your Kids Follow on Instagram.. And Why!



Social Media; whether you like it or not play’s a huge roll in why your dancers loves to dance.   It’s often why they want to improve and it helps drive their passion to perform. 

I know there is also an ugly dark side to the world of social media that we are all aware of, but when keeping them off the www’s and social media isn’t an option we want to know who they follow, what they are looking at and why… don’t we?


I’m here to give you the inside word, the run down on who your dancers are following and why it isn’t that bad!


I encourage parents to get on the Instagram train.  I encourage you to follow the people that your kids do.  Not only will it give you a brief view into their world but it will also help you monitor the content that is filling their daily life. 

Unlike Facebook there is no such thing as a ‘mutual friend’ and your kids don’t even need to know you follow the same people.  I can safely say ‘following’ your kids on Instagram isn’t as embarrassing or near impossible as ‘becoming their friend’ on Facebook. 


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Any of the Dance Moms kids could have taken this #1 spot.  Maddie is however the obvious choice after her role in Sia’s  ‘Chandelier’ video propelled her into stardom.  Now she is a household name. 

Her Instagram account is heavily monitored my Miss Abby Lee and her mom Melissa.  The content although often promotion, is really just a look into the intriguing world of the famous teen.   We see so much of her dancing on TV that she keeps her social media as a way to show a different side of her life.  It’s a look into her ‘normal’ life! As an ambassador for Capezio and the face of Ralph Lauren Kids collection you won’t find any inappropriate content on her feed.  I’m not sure those brands would appreciate anything inappropriate. 


She spends her Summer holidays with friends and her Winter nights at home with her Puppy.  She goes to red carpet events dressed in knee length floral dresses.  Her hair is a normal colour and she wears minimal make-up.  On a personal note, having toured with her on the Dance Moms first trip to Australia she was a really delightful kid.  She obviously has big dreams and a very hard working attitude.




Life without Ballet would be "Pointeless" @cali_kisses_dance @masterballetacademy My favorite heart Leo

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Sophia is the young girl with the Guiness World Record for the most consecutive pirouettes.  Recently featured in the Australian media for posting images and videos of dangerous ‘over stretches’ that have our industry and health professionals concerned.   But is it really the kids fault that she posted the stretch?  She didn’t make it up… someone had to teach that to her right?  (That’s for another conversation HERE)

Sophia Lucia has recently shifted her focus to the world of Ballet and it’s matured her content considerably.  I’ve been following her for a while and I can safely say she has never used inappropriate language,  posted photos that aren’t age appropriate or shared any posts that I wouldn’t share with my students. 

It is important to know that Sophia is an ambassador for California Kisses and Capezio.  So if you don’t like leotards or 2 piece dance outfits…. Please stop reading now!




Home grown talent from Queensland Talia Fidra is an accomplished 14 year old Ballet dancer who has big dreams and big following.  She posts video tutorials, performance videos, improvisations and stretching tips sometimes 4 times daily!! She is a talent with impeccable technique and determination.  My only bugbear is that she often dancers with her hair out… tie it up Talia! An ambassador for Capezio they would have no complaints as her content is always G rated and hardly ever not related to dance.  The child seems to live in the dance studio J




Was honored to attend the #SACH benefit last night 💜

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Chloe was a member of the ALDC & Dance Moms but after her high profile departure from the show and the studio has made a career out of selling her ‘victim of bullying’ story to the masses.  That aside I feel she is without a doubt a talented teenager who is doing well on her own under the watchful eye of her mum.  Her constant video tutorials are followed by millions of adoring fans.  She teaches them, how to curl their hair, shows them what’s in her make-up bag and how she does her own make-up.  One never really knows what to believe but which ever side of the ‘Dance Moms’ debate you are on, they are all seemingly grounded kids who hang with friends, enjoy a sundae and keep their image squeaky clean.  We can’t say that about many child stars can we?





Direct message me, going to reply to as many as possible! // YEWW 💥💌📲

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Another home grown Aussie talent from New South Wales.  Tori is a 15 stunning dancer/model/ overall nice kid.  She has recently become a coveted CK Model (#CKGirls).  She has contracts with Pearl Yukiko Clothings and California Kisses so often the content is promotional but never inappropriate.  She has legs that seem to go on forever and kicks that would give some professionals a run for their money.  She posts videos of her in class, working hard to improve her craft.  She has done amazing things in the industry here and abroad, teaching your kids that hard work and dedication does pay off!