What Will Dance Concerts Look Like in 2020

5 Aug 2020 9:38 AMLauren Nairne
What Will Dance Concerts Look Like in 2020

What Will Dance Concerts Look Like in 2020


Distinctively remembered as my favourite day of the year, a dancer’s end of year concert although it may be stressful, the adrenaline, lead up and satisfaction of a year’s worth of hard work coming together is the greatest day of the year. 


Much like the rest of 2020, COVID-19 has thrown a spanner into the works and as a result, concerts as we remember them may be a thing of the past (for this year at least). 


On a side note:  I remember at the beginning of COVID saying to my dance teachers friends… gosh thank goodness this didn’t happen in November imagine if it affected concerts and all the hard work of last year.   And now look here we are 6 months later and it’s still going.  Who would have thought!!!

But all is not lost, and I’ve been filled with admiration of studios, families, teachers and communities coming together to plan celebrations in whichever capacity they may be able to.   This year will be one to remember, that’s for sure!


So…. What will concerts look like this year?


That’s the million-dollar question, and the truth is… Nobody knows!



What we DON’T know –


What will COVID Look like in November and December?

Here’s hoping that it looks considerably better (especially for Victorians) than it does now.  #stayhome #wearamask


What stage will theatres be at in November?

Right now, most theatres remain closed.  They have no staff and mechanics that haven’t been touched in months.  How long will it take for theatres to get back operational?


What will social distancing look like in seated theatres?

Will we have to be separated, will we wear masks, will the time allowed in theatres be restricted.   How many people will be allowed in theatres, including staff, performers and patrons?


You see, with each question comes a whole range of problems for dance studios. 

The main one being – Theatres are very expensive to hire, and if they can’t fill the theatre, sell enough tickets or have an audience at all (worst case), how will they pay for the theatre hire, lights, audio operations, ushers and stage rehearsal hours. 


So, it seems as though most dance studios are thinking about a plan B.


There are lots of creative ideas floating around, some that may be do-able and some not.

- Concerts under the stars

- Concerts in a ‘circus’ style tent

- Drive through concerts (we saw lots of these in the US for their recital season)

- Concerts being filmed and then watched in the Cinema or at the drive through.

- Postponed concerts (but until when??)

- Concerts at the studio (like a class display)


Whatever the situation, there are some things that we do know…


What we DO know -


- 2020 is worth celebrating

It hasn’t been the year we thought and in 2020 dance has looked so different but it’s still worth celebrating.  The community coming together in time of crisis is work remembering and celebrating.


- Dancers deserve the recognition of a year of hard work. 

Harder in some respects with online classes and motivation bumps in the road.  The dedication deserves to be recognised.


- We need the 2020 memories to carry onto the next generations who will talk about the impacts of COVID-19

The memories of the 2020 will likely be something that dancers will talk about with their own children, their grandchildren.  The Dance Concert footage (I’m old I still call it a Video) will add to the incredible time capsule of 2020.


- Studios need the time to thank their community for the support

Studios are still standing because families continued to support them through this Pandemic.  2020 Dance concerts give studio owners and teachers the opportunity to thank everyone for their support.  And the same for families, parents and dancers themselves, concert gives them an opportunity to thank them for their support throughout the year.  For pivoting their businesses online and for keeping them motivated, accountable and active during lockdown(s) and extended breaks. 


We’ve got a lot to be thankful for.




If things get worse or the situation is too hard to manage safely and the potential risk to dancers, teachers and their families is too great then it may not happen at all.  And we need to be prepared for that too. 


It’s ok.  It will be sad, and hard and a real shame but if we survived the last 6 months, we can survive that too. 


Dancers will be working toward concerts as I type, in whatever capacity that happens.  And that’s important, to be working toward something, something that is past COVID-19 and normal.  Keep working hard, keep dancing and work toward a common goal, whether that is concerts or not we will recognise, remember and never forget the achievements of 2020!


Happy Dancing!