Dancers Market COVID update
dancers Market COVID update

What’s in My Concert Bag?

9 Nov 2020 6:18 PMLauren Nairne
What’s in My Concert Bag?


2020 concerts will look different for everyone.  For some of us, concerts are not possible with COVID-19 restrictions, but for others living in states with lower cases, we are full steam ahead with social distancing concerts.


Whether you are able to view the concert live, watch a recording or sit in the studio you are going to need to be organised with all the essentials so that your dancer is as organised as they can be for 2020 concert day.


Organisation is my middle name.  I thrive with an organised life and a perfectly packed, labelled concert bag brings a very happy tear to my eye.  What a beautiful sight.


I’ve included below a detailed list of what is in my 2020 concert bag/box in the hopes that it might just help somebody else.


Note:  My dancers are only little, they don’t require a Dream Duffle or costume hanging bag just yet so a clearly labelled box that they can identify quickly and throw everything into works extremely well for us.  It also has a wide opening that is perfect for both of my girls to throw things into without things going all over the floor.

Each to their own though, once they are older, I do think that costume bags like the dream duffel or costume roller are well worth the $$



Costume Bags


Another slightly more expensive purchase, I can’t go past the clear costume bags with the compartments.  I think they are extremely valuable and help the dancers keep all the accessories together to help them find things quickly on concert night.


These are my favourite. I have one for each of my daughter’s costumes (5 in total). 




Nothing that is


- sticky

- wet

- messy

- greasy

- crumbly


My girl's snacks are packed in a separate bag in the box.  Days can be long and even though lunch will be there for her I still don’t want her to be hungry if she has some down time.


Costume Lists


Print out a checklist of what you need for each costume.  The studio might do this for you.  Make sure you print it and keep it in your box.


Contact List


Both my girls are too little to know my phone number.  One also has allergies.  I find it’s easier to keep a little note inside the box with my phone number, allergies and name just in case.


Run Order


I like to print out the run order for the concert and highlight the items that both my girls are in.  If she doesn’t need it someone else might.  And if someone else is helping her get ready on the night I like them to be able to easily see what routines both my girls are in. 


I’ll be sticking this list to the outside of the box.




Her own make-up because I’ve been stuck sending my make-up to concert and ending up with none myself.  If nothing else, at least her own lipstick (ours is red) for touch-ups before act 2.  (Hopefully not applied by her)


Hair Box


Hairspray, waterspray, hair ties, pins, hair nets, comb, brush. 


Spare Undies


You never know.  Be prepared for anything.

In older girls, sanitary items are also an essential… just in case.


Spare Tights


Holes and ladders might not be yours, but you never know who else might need it.  It could be you one day.  It happens when you least expect it. 


Colouring In


Pencils… NO textas included.  That’s a recipe for disaster but kids LOVE doing this together on concert night while waiting to go on.


Makeup Wipes


Just in case little Miss 3 is so exhausted after the concert, I don’t want to be fighting with her when she gets home to wash her face.  Might seem gross but if you’re the fellow Mum of a three-year-old who goes to bed early and concert keeps them up WAY past their bedtime, you get my point!


Sewing kit


Just like runs and ladders you never know when you will need it.  Be prepared.  A little one will do, but make sure it includes some silver safety pins. 




NOT Juice or anything sticky.  Ice and cooler if it’s going to be a LONG day. 


Plastic Bag


Sounds strange, but it saves the wrappers from the snacks or packaging from spare tights ending up in your box.  It might also be needed for wet undies (hopefully not, but you never know). 


These aren’t things like stockings, socks, tights and red leotard for contemporary.  These items are things you might not find on your studio list. 


Good luck for concert!

It’s the best day of the year, all that hard work comes together.