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What I Love And Loath About Dance Competitions

26 Jul 2018 9:23 PMLauren Nairne
What I Love And Loath About Dance Competitions


Is there anywhere in between? The crazy thing is, even if you don’t like dance comps the chances are that you’re still in it… deep deep in it! 


So it’s not about whether you’re going to do it or not because once you get started it’s actually very very hard to stop… I think! (Maybe you think differently). 


Things I LOVE about dance competitions 


  • Friendships 

Honestly, the best memories of my entire life… most of them are at dance competitions.  Long days, fun nights, endless laughs and people that just got who I was when nobody else really did.  Couldn’t be more true… Dance Friends, Make the Best Friends! 


  • Resilience 

Oh you fell over?  I’m sorry… but quick get back up again the music won’t stop, someones behind you and you just have to keep going.  Amazing life lessons right there. 


  • Not everybody is a winner 

1st, 2nd, 3rd, Highly Commended… it’s not a prize for everyone.  I don’t want my kids to get something that they didn’t deserve and I wouldn’t EVER expect them to be given something just for the sake of it.  It’s not 1 first place split 15 ways and I LOVE that! That’s life, deal with it! 


  • Exposure 

Sometimes if you’re the best in your studio it’s really good to get out into the bigger wider world and see what everyone else is doing around you.  It will only make you/your dancer and better dancer and help encourage them to be the best that they can be. 



Do I need to say much more?  Commitment, teamwork, doing what is choreographed and bringing your A-game when you may not want/feel like it.  On a team you don’t have a choice.  (Unfortunately it doesn’t stop some people though).  It’s another one of those fabulous life lessons that dance teaches us that carry on well past our dancing years. 



Things I DON’T love about dance competitions


  • Competition

Is it really necessary to compare yourselves to others in multiple competitions every month or every year?  Does that stop us really focusing on becoming the best version on ourselves and continually encourage us to reach the potential of other people? There is competition in every day life these days, in the studio, on social media, on the television why do we put ourselves through more of that? 


  • Critique 

We are hanging off the words of every adjucator.  Someone who has never (hopefully) seen us dance before has no idea how hard we have worked or how far we have come.  One day you will get 1st place the next you won’t place at all… that messes with our minds at any age, is it healthy or un-healthy. 


  • Winning Means So Much 

It’s no longer about how you perform, how hard you try or whether someone was better than you on the day.  Now when kids don’t win the parent goes to the teacher and says the routine 

  • ‘Isn’t hard enough’ 
  • ‘Isn’t good enough’ 
  • ‘Isn’t suitable’
  • ‘Isn’t Competitive enough’ 


Honestly the list goes on… I can’t believe it.  


Remember, you don’t go into a professional gig and tell the Choreographer you don’t like the song right?  I don’t think so! 


  • Politics 

It’s not exclusively for you or your studio… I PROMISE. 


  • Dance Competitions Don’t Really Matter (In The Big World)

You don’t walk into an audition for Princess Cruises when you finally turn 18 and put your 10 & under trophy on the casting panels table… do you?  

In fact, you don’t even have it on your resume (hopefully). 



Gosh my list could go on & on & on….. 


What do you love or hate about dance comps?  I would LOVE to hear from you below.  





Ps.  If you have your 10 & Under Jazz section results on your dance CV… remove it Immediately :)