What Broadway Musical Can You Watch on Disney+

29 Oct 2020 8:11 AMLauren Nairne
What Broadway Musical Can You Watch on Disney+

What Broadway Musical Can You Watch on Disney+


As we find ourselves in these unbelievable times in 2020, it’s devastating to comprehend just how much the world has changed. 


As I type (October 26th) Broadway remains closed with no confirmation of an opening date (although March 2021 has been mentioned). 

It’s shattering to think of the lives impacted, jobs lost and devastation that must be felt in the US at this time. 


Our hearts go out to anyone who is deeply affected by this pandemic.


As we live this new way, I am extremely grateful for streaming services like Disney+ that has allowed us to enjoy that buzz that only live theatre can provide. 


Here are the LIVE Broadway productions currently available on Disney+


Hamilton – It’s rumoured that Aladdin was set to be released on Disney+ first but once the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, Aladdin was replaced by Hamilton which was released on Disney+ on July 3rd 2020.  I’m not complaining. LIVE Hamilton is amazing, but I will await Aladdin too, please.


Newsies – Watch the movie and the LIVE Broadway musical.  Both fabulous in their own right.  Seize the day… watch them back to back.


Aladdin – Coming Soon on Disney+ (we hope)


Other Musicals Currently on Disney+


Because we find ourselves with so much time on our hands… Here are 5 more musical/movies you can stream on Disney+


Sound Of Music – Friday night movie night sorted. 


Annie – An ageless classic


Hello Dolly! – Barbra Streisand eat your heart out.


High School Musical – Get excited because Movies 1, 2 & 3 are all available AS WELL AS the series and the sing-a-longs.  Troy Bolton fans rejoice.


Once Upon A Mattress – The 2005 movie/musical based on the story the Princess and the Pea is available to stream on Disney+.  It’s not quite the broadway production but Carol Burnett is fantastic as Queen Aggravain.


Get the popcorn and enjoy!