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Things to consider when clearing out old costumes!

5 Oct 2015 11:23 AMLauren Nairne
Things to consider when clearing out old costumes!


Does your costume wardrobe scare you so much you that your solution to the problem is to just keep the closet door closed?  Well there is no need to be scared.  In fact you should be excited, for some of you there might be a small gold mine hiding behind those dusty closet doors... you never know!







When I first started the Dancers Market back in 2013 it really surprised me the amount of second hand costumes out there.  I thought my dance teacher was the only person who kept every single dance costume she ever used.  She hired all her costumes out to us kids and she stored EVERYTHING in her garage.  I was wrong... there are LOTS of people just like Peta who have done the same things for YEARS, AND YEARS, AND YEARS!  


But it's not just teachers, it's parents too.  Maybe you brought every single solo and troupe costume throughout your dancers life and still have them stored in your spare room closet.  Your kids have stopped dancing now and moved onto careers in or out of Performing Arts.... WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? 


Well I don't have a quick answer because I don't think you should just throw them away.  There are so many options nowdays and I hope one of my suggestions below will get your motivated to clean out your costumes. 


If you have ALOT of costumes worth selling

  • The Dancers Market (obviously)! The upside is that you have the ability to get rid of costumes in bulk lots at one time.  The downside is that you need to be organised and have gone through everything before the event.  Setting up and packing down can be tedious but the rewards can make it worthwhile.
  • Sell them back to the studio you attended.  Alot of studios now may have dancers who need costumes for duos, trios, solos and/or troupes.  Have you considered contacting them?


If you have a few costumes worth selling

  • dancetrader.com - The online version of the Dancers Market makes shopping easier online, from the comfort of your own home.  Listing your products is free too!! 
  • Dancers Market Community Table - If you have a 1 off tutu or 1 special costume you want to get rid of the Dancers Market takes 2 pieces per person at a community table at every event.  A 10% commission is charged if your item is sold however there is no fee to place your costume on the table.


If you have costumes that could be donated to a good cause

  • Contact sonia@dancersmarket.com.au today.  She puts together dress-up boxes for the Salvation Army and drops them off 3 times a year.  Make a difference and help these kids who could use alittle sunshine in their lives.  
  • Marley's Mission Charity, takes costumes on occasion as part of their cause.  You can contact them HERE.


Things to consider when going through your costumes

  • Is the elastic had it? If yes, throw it out or replace it!
  • Has the lycra started to disintergrate? If yes, throw it out.  
  • Is it heavily stained? Can it be washed?  If not, throw it out.  
  • How old is the garment?  If its a g-string leotard, or has shoulder pads bigger than the pal of your hands... I know that was once the fashion but perhaps it has had it's day.  
  • What would it be worth?  If the answer is $2 maybe it's worth donating it to a better cause...
  • Would you put your daughter/son in this costume in it's current condition?  If you answered no, then perhaps it needs the bin or if it's ok perhaps it could be donated.  


If you are still not sure, or unsure how to price a garment you can contact sonia at the Dancers Market via sonia@dancersmarket.com.au she is happy to give you honest and reliable feedback in regards to - condition, price, size and style.