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The Truth About Eisteddfods

5 Oct 2016 11:34 AMLauren Nairne
The Truth About Eisteddfods

Eisteddfods/Competitions are great fun, but they don’t get you a job… Sorry!



Here is my question… With so many competitions when do your dancers have time to focus on improving in the studio, taking class and learning new skills?  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE competitions, they make up some of the most treasured memories of my childhood but in comparison we did 3 competitions a year and nowadays, some studios can do double or even triple that, not to mention solo comps where it’s possible for dancers to do 3 different comps in one holiday!


If we go out every weekend doing the same routine, the same way over and over again hoping for a different result what is that doing for our dancers?  What is it teaching them?  Dancers should be focusing on making their solo or their performance in a troupe better and better every time, not just to get a different result but to continue to push their limits as a dancer, to constantly improve and grow.  The only way that this will happen is if they get back into class.  NOT rehearsals where you simply run each solo twice and leave, but class where you push the boundaries and learn new skills.  


As more and more competitions pop up right across the country we need to change our attitude toward them.  It’s not about the trophy or how much wear you can get out of your costume.  It’s about the dancer/s getting up on stage and doing the best they can with the choreography they have been given knowing that they left it all on the stage.  The memories and the friendships and the feeling will be the things that stick with them for life, not the trophies nor the awards. 


Remember, professional dancers don’t get jobs because they won 1st prize in the 10/Under Jazz section in 2016.  Dancers get jobs because they have an outstanding work ethic, a positive attitude, great technique and the skills to pick up choreography quickly.  Class is where it counts!


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