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The Recipe For The Perfect Work Life Balance, or should I say Dance Life Balance!

29 Sep 2016 10:25 AMLauren Nairne
The Recipe For The Perfect Work Life Balance, or should I say Dance Life Balance!



We can so easily become swept up in this wonderful world of dance.  With comps, classes, exams and performance we tend never to stop or jump off this roller coaster.  Even with social media captivating our down time and even if we don’t want to, some times we find ourselves never really tuning out of this crazy world.


I truly believe that a healthy dance, life balance is something that we need to actively work on every day.  Our kids are not machines and nor are you.  As parents we do, the running around, the organising and all the management and it’s not healthy for you as mum/dad or for the rest of your family’s health and wellbeing.


Spending time with your other children one-on-one, taking your husband out on a date to the movies or spending the night watching a movie and eating chocolate with your entire family can really help re-connect you with what is truly important in you life.


I often hear parents who talk about their kids who are dancing 7 days a week.  Honestly, I think that is ridiculous.  These kids need down time, they need time to be kids, to play with their neighbours and run in the rain.  They need to take at least one day off every week and enjoy something other than dance.  If anything taking time away from dance will only make them more passionate and determined.  When they are dancing every day they are absolutely more likely to burnout and quit all together.


For those of you who LOVE your job, and I mean really love what you do.  Don’t you get to a point where you say…‘ok I love this but I really need a day off now’. 

Kids spend all day at school and then all night at dancing AND THEN dance all weekend.  When do they have time to relax and unwind?  When do they get to give their minds and bodies a rest and relax?


Even elite athletes take time off, they have down time and time to rest and prepare their bodies.  Our kids work so hard and push their bodies through so much, haven’t they earned a day in front of the TV in their pajamas?


And as for you, just as much as the kids deserve it, when was the last time you checked out for a little ‘you time’?  Plan it today! Look at the calendar and book yourself into a foot massage or make it your mission to go on a walk around the block 3 times a week to clear your mind.

You will be amazed at how much better you will feel. 


Now I’m no expert, I still struggle with the work/life balance myself but I’m working on it.  I work on it actively every day.  I take my daughter to the park and I turn off my phone.  I go on ‘dates’ with my husband every other Wednesday and arrange someone to mind my daughter.  I’ve got a long way ago until I find my perfect ‘recipe’ but as long as I am aware when my body has had enough or try my best to tune into the way I’m feeling I know it will get better.  For every salad that I eat, every walk that I go on and every extra cup of tea I drink in the morning I know that it’s not only me who benefits, it’s also everyone around me. 


Set yourself a challenge:  This week plan to do something that doesn’t involve dance.  Take your kids to the park, go on a picnic with your family or plan a movie night and lounge room camp out with your kids.  Go out to dinner with your husband and what ever you do… don’t talk about dance!

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama


I would love to hear your recipes for the perfect balance!

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