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The one thing your Dance Teacher wants this Christmas

23 Nov 2018 7:33 AMLauren Nairne
The one thing your Dance Teacher wants this Christmas

It's that time of the year, that season where we take our annual trip to the shops to buy as many candles, boxes of chocolates & bottles of wine as we can afford.  


Now let me be VERY clear... as a dance teacher myself I am not un-grateful for the chocolate INFACT it's my husbands FAVOURITE time of the year.  He would kill me for encouraging people to refrain :) 


However, the point of me plugging away at the keys today is to help you understand the hard work, effort, hours & headaches that come with being a dance teacher around this time of the year.  My hope is that when you take even 1 moment to understand you may do this one thing to say THANKYOU. 


Some things to remember: 

- Your dance teacher often spends more time with your dancer than any other teacher in their life.  When school teachers change ech year, dance teachers generally will stay the same. 


- Dance teachers grow with your dancer.  They are there for the ups and they are there for the downs. They put up with your moody teenager, wipe up tears (or other things), and often make them happen when nothing else can.  


- Dance teachers are partly responsible for the type of human your dancer will become.  I know that sounds extreme, it's not that we are super special as humans ourselves *although* :).  It's that dance in itself has such a profound impact on the lives of those who learn. It teachers even the youngest dancers lessons that they will carry for the rest of their lives.  Don't believe me?  Ask anyone who took dance their entire childhood and I KNOW they will agree.  


- Dance teachers cop A LOT of flak.  I'm not sure why but it's true.  


- Thankyou's from families or dancers themselves are actually few and far between... sad but true, sorry if that offends.  


- Dance teachers aren't CEO's, some earning more than others but I know you won't find many/any that are in it for the money, we do it for the love.  It's too hard to do it, if you don't truely love what you do.  


I'm not asking you to mortgage a new car, buy us a house or buy us a bunch of flowers bigger than our heads.  No, actually what i'm going to suggest you do is much much cheaper than that, but it's going to make a much bigger impact.  


Are you ready for my big suggestion... 




Just say thankyou!!


The post concert posts on facebook are lovely, we love to see all your photos and hear your thoughts.  But, when was the last time you said thankyou to your dance teacher.  I mean you, the dance mum/dad said thankyou.  

I'm a BIG fan of a handwriten card (do you remember those).  What a wonderful impact that can have, a super special touch.  But in this day and age even a text message or an e-mail would do.  


Putting together a concert, running 22 routines for an eisteddfod, organising your childs RAD exam is an exhausting, rewarding, but time consuming process.  And the costumes... i'm not even going to go there (imaging sourcing & sizing all those costumes, please) Your child/children will be forever better people because of these events and like I said before will forever make a mark on their entire life.  



You don't even need to wait until the concert is over.  You never know when a simple thankyou can make someones day.  AND, if you're a dance teacher reading this - maybe you could say thankyou to someone who deserves it in your studio too.  


I've even made it easy with a few templates you could use below (I won't tell anyone).


Dear Miss A, 

(Insert dancers name) had the most wonderful time at the concert and hasn't stopped talking about it all week.  My family and I throughly enjoyed the show and I know how many hours it must take to put on that show.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thankyou.  We love (insert studio name). 


Dear Miss A, 

Wow, (insert dancers name) is so proud of herself now that her exam is over, she even said she had fun.  What an effort!  Thankyou for making sure she was so prepared for her exam.  She wasn't stressed at all and I know that's because she knew the work so well and wasn't stressed about what to expect.  I am very grateful.  Thankyou for all you do. 


Dear Miss A, 

Congratulations on the amazing results at (insert competition name).  A credit to you and your teaching staff.  I LOVED watching the kids up there on stage and (insert dancers name) had a great time as usual. Great memories, thankyou! 


Dear Miss A, 


Congratulations to you and all your teachers.  I know alot of effort goes into it especially at this time of the year and i'm very grateful.  Enjoy the holidays, you deserve it.  


Dear Mr B, 

Another year has flown by (how did that happen)? 

I just wanted to write you a quick card to say how extremely grateful we are to be learning at (insert studio name).  (Insert dancers name) has grown so much this year and we are forever grateful for all that you do and teacher her/him.  I know it's often not easy and I know how much work is involved.  I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it all.  

Enjoy a break (you deserve it) and we look forward to another great year next year.  


Here is one for the dance teachers to write too.  We all have that one parent who goes above and beyond in your studio, you too can say thankyou. 


Dear (insert name), 

I just wanted to write you a quick card to say how grateful I am to have you in our studio family.  You go above and beyond for us, helping out at comps, offering to help at concert, sewing & cleaning and I wanted you to know how appreciative we are.  You make our life just that little bit easier and I know I can always depend on you.  I hope you and your lovely family have a well earned holiday and we look forward to seeing you next year.  


Dear (insert first name), 

Just a very quick note to say how truely grateful we are for your loyalty.  Your efforts never go unnoticed, I know you make a big effort to get (insert dancers name) to class every week and he/she barely misses any classes as a result.  He/she is a joy to teach and has grown so much this year.  We look forward to another great year next year... happy holidays.  


Ok and just for fun.... here a a few that everyone wants to write but don't (and shouldn't)!!!!!!!


Dear A, 

Just a quick note to say thankyou so much for NEVER PAYING YOUR FEES.  We so appreciate living off 2 minute noodles in my family while your family who 'can't afford to pay' spends your holidays abroad.  Please have a drink for me.... make it a double. 

We look forward to another year next year of invoices being sent getting ignored.  

I hope your kids enjoy the trampoline that Santa gave them.  Hopefully my kid can come over and use it as we can't buy  him/her the same. 


Or maybe this one is more suited.... 


Dear Miss A, 

I just wanted to say a quick thankyou for always putting (insert dancers name) in the back line.  Your obvious favouritsm never goes unnoticed and we are forever grateful that (insert dancers name) obviously contributes so little to your troupe routines.  

I look forward to another year of your terrible communication and spending my afternoons in your waiting room with the other 'lovely' dance mums. 

Bring it on!!



Enjoy the silly season, chookas for concerts and enjoy some downtime with your family this Christmas.