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My Top 5 Tips For Showcase Newbies

10 Jan 2016 10:43 PMLauren Nairne
My Top 5 Tips For Showcase Newbies

This blog is not written or endorsed by the team at Showcase National Dance Championships.  It's just a way for me to express my excitment and share some helpful tips for the exciting week we have ahead! 



As a Gold Coast girl, born and breed, Showcase Nationals in January is part of my make-up.  As a dancer it was the excitment of seeing friends from interstate and competing against different people to our regular Gold Coast/Queensland comps.  But as many of my readers know, Showcase isn't any normal dance comp.  It's the excitment, the buzz, the atmosphere, the friendships forms and the memories made during that week of January that makes Showcase so special.


A long time ago... My student choreography!

My teacher would NEVER have let me wear this for one of my normal solos I had to beg my mum to let me wear a full fishnet unitard for my student chorey... please!



As thousands of dancers and their families decend on the Gold Coast for the start of competition, I thought I would share my top 5 tips to help Showcase newbies make the most out of the extrodinary week of dance.  


1.  Pack Snacks 

I'm not sure if i'm alone here, and don't get me wrong, I love hot chips and wedges but I just can't eat them for 7 days straight.  And lets be honest they probably aren't going your dancers stamina with the long days and late nights they have ahead of them.   Take snacks, take lunch, take WATER.  That way you only have to purchase chips for yourself once a day :) 


2.  Watch other age groups, other genres and other performers

Showcase Nationals is such an amazing week for dancers of any age, any genre and any level.  Take some time during the week to visit other ballrooms and check out the other talent on show.  With some of the most elite dancers in the Country competing for the coveted title of 'Dancer Of The Year' there is always incredibe talent in every ballroom.  Watching other dancers only makes you/ your dancer better.  Watching people that they may not have come to compete against before inspires them to keep pushing their limits to constantly improve.  


3. Don't Wait To Buy Battle Of The Stars Tickets 

Even if your child/studio doesn't make the final show, it's always an amazing afternoon of entertainment and one not to be missed.  It's long... so prepare yourself haha but it's always packed full of 'Peter Oxford' surprises and incredible moments of dance.  The ballroom only seats a certain amount of people and once it's sold out, no more seats will be sold.  Get in early to avoid dissapointment. 


4.  Enjoy Making New Friends

To this day I am still in touch with friends interstate that I met whilst competing at Showcase Nationals.  It's part of the 'extra special something' that Showcase does so well.  Encourage your kids to chat with kids, back stage, side stage, in the foyer.  It's fun making new friends, it gives your kids fresh new excitment and inspiration.  It opens them up to the broader world of dance, starts to prepare them for one day stepping out of their studio into the world of professional dance.  But most of all it creates long lasting memories.  


Have a giggle:  Back when I was dancing at Showcase I met friends from interstate and we became 'penpals' haha!


5.  Get Involved In All The Activities 

White party, dads drinks, networking, model searches, presentations, spontaneous singing and loud cheering.  It's all part of the 'Showcase' experience.  You've spent this much money, why not get the whole experience.  Your kids will be talking about their week on the Gold Coast for months (here I am talking about it many... many years later).  Check the program (make sure you buy one, I know it's expensive but you will be lost without one) and keep an eye out on their social media profiles (facebook) (instagram) and get involved.  You kids are going to LOVE it! 


I can't wait to see lots of excited smiling faces again this year.  As a teacher, I now enjoy watching a new generation of dancers making memories that they will carry for a life-time.  I know I still cherish mine! 


My group at Showcase before it was at the casino... white Jazz boots and all :) 


Good Luck, Be Kind, Dance Well