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Please Mr Scott Morrison Give The Arts The Credit It Deserves

10 Jun 2020 9:35 PMLauren Nairne
Please Mr Scott Morrison Give The Arts The Credit It Deserves

Ok, I feel i've been impressively patient during this entire situation.  If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me anything it's taught me patience and it's taken away my ability to correctly predict what comes next which is something that I perhaps took for granted.  But, i'm totally ok with that.  


I've supported the governments impressive handling of the siutation which has lead to Australia's incredible position compared to other parts of the world.  All for which I am forever grateful.  I'm grateful yes, for the health and wellness of my family and friends. 


I'm grateful that in a time when nobody knew what to do that had leaders who lead and a community who all came together and sacrificed the things we love to keep those we love safe and protected.


HOWEVER, today I was mad.  And I don't get mad easily.  


It was reported on SUNRISE (which happens to be my breakfast news program of choice) that earlier in the week the NRL had been approved to allow CROWDS at NSW based matches.  


People are allowed to go to the football in a corporate box... but theatres are to remain CLOSED and NSW dancing studios can only have 10 people per room!!!!!


I just don't understand.  Are they going to be social distancing standing drinking or sitting in the allocated seats of the football in any way? I hope so! They are allowed 50 in this space...50.  Yet currently in NSW dance studios are only allowed to have 10 people per space and theatres.... well the doors are still locked!  


I am sad for our Performing Arts industry.


I'm sad for the performers 

I'm sad for the theatres technical staff

I'm sad for the Directors 

I'm sad for the Musicians 

I'm sad for the box office staff

I'm sad for the ushers

I'm sad for the wardrobe staff and costume designers 

I'm sad for the theatre patrons 

I'm sad for the producers

I'm sad for the casting agents

I'm sad for the studio owners 

I'm sad for the dancers

I'm sad for the families

I'm sad for the nursing home who takes their patients to the theatre every month to catch the Matinee


I'm sad for my friends 

I'm sad for my community


I argued with my husband and his point of view while writing this article.  He believes the measures they will take to social distance at the football combined with the nature of the outdoor facility make it safer than a theatre (insert my intense anger)... I look forward to seeing how much social distancing goes on 10 free scooners deep! 



We will wait, patiently in the wings... but for how long? 


How long until we can continue to do what we love?  How long until I can actively support the industry I love by spending my money on live theatre, dance and performance. 


Please Mr Morrison don't make me wait too much longer, i have been very patient.  


One thing is for sure, you can count on my ticket when the doors to the theatre re-open. 


What an amazing day that will be.