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26 Feb 2013 9:00 AMSupport Person
NSW Retailers

Spotlight On - Take a Bow Dancewear


Take A Bow will have a great range at our NSW Dancers Market and I've attached a photo of my favourite at the moment.  When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with Glitter.  My Dance teacher wasn't too keen but I always found away to include it in my make-up without upsetting her.  These colours are amazing and I only wish I had some of these colours when I was a kid!


Come and see Take A Bow Dance Wear at our NSW Dancers Market on the 24th March at Hunters Hill Town Hall from 9am - 1pm.


Website - www.takeabowdancewear.com.au

Facebook - Take a Bow Dancewear

E-mail - sales@takeabowdancewear.com.au


We look forward to seeing you there :)