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Market Stalls – The secrets to success!

12 Oct 2016 10:40 AMLauren Nairne
Market Stalls – The secrets to success!


Market stalls can be expensive, but they can also be super valuable for businesses to meet new customers and connect face to face with existing customers.   For online business it offers them a cost-effective way to showcase their products, giving potential clients the opportunity to see, feel, try on, test and trust their products or services. 


Below are my secrets to success that will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  Don’t let the opportunity go to waste.  It’s a lot of work to prepare and set-up, you want to make sure you’re doing it right.


Capture their information

If you haven’t figured out yet, building your online community (or e-mail list) is 100% the most valuable asset you have in your business.  Market stalls give you hundreds of potential clients who, although they may not be ready to buy right now they may buy later.  By capturing their information (name and e-mail at least) you don’t need to wait for them to come to you.  You can easily and effectively market to them!

You can download our easy client capture form here.


Don’t ask ‘Can I Help You?’

When you walk into a store and someone asks you ‘can I help you?’ what’s your immediate reaction?  ‘No I’m just looking’.  It’s a classic push back and then unfortunately with that response you’re conversation (or lack there of) is over before it even began.  Next time, try asking them a question.

Hi, how are you?

Hi, how is your day going?

Hi, have you seen (insert your product name) before?

Hi, we’re giving away (insert prize) if you’re interested in going in the draw. 

What ever it is you choose to say always try to start a conversation, a conversation has so much more potential than someone who just has a quick browse and walks away.


Be friendly but not pushy

No one likes a pushy sales person, especially not at a market. 

  • Don’t start with price (unless they ask)
  • Give them value first before you start to sell to them.  Tell them the benefits, great features. 
  • Ask about them, their kids, family, pets (whatever your product relates to). 


Be Informative

If it’s organic, made in Australia, hand-made, Swarovski crystal or imported from Canada make sure they are aware.  Market are renowned for unique, one of a kind, made with love products and the people shopping at markets are usually looking for just that.  Whatever your Unique Selling Point (USP) is make sure that your potential clients know. 


Be Presentable

It may seem strange but how you present yourself says a lot about your business, your product and/or your service.  Make sure you look presentable.  You don’t need to wear Versace, you just need to look like you are well organised and well presented.  If you look frazzled, stressed, tired or disorganised chances are it will show in your stall presentation, business organisation or service satisfaction. 

Sorry but that’s the truth.  Dress for success!!!!


Think about season

Don’t show up to a Christmas market trying to get rid of your left over stock from Easter.  It doesn’t matter how much you mark something down, if it’s not relevant to the time of year or it’s simply a product that they don’t need they still won’t buy it.


Price Accordingly

 Do your homework, see the other products in a similar category and price accordingly.  You want to go into the market being confident with your price and position in the market.  Unless you’re a brand new product going to test at a market for research, if so… some of these things won’t apply to you.


Make the process simple

Once they decide to buy you need to make sure the process is simple, quick and pain free.  Especially because you’re probably running the stall on your own and you don’t want another customer to slip through your fingers because you’re busy mucking around getting payment and packing product from the previous customer.  Make it special but simple.



Giving something away isn’t just about getting people excited, creating a buzz or getting your product out there.  It’s about generating leads and capturing information.  If they are entering your competition, chances are they like what you do, like your product and could be a potential client.  Just like my first point.  By capturing their information you don’t need to wait for them to come to you.  Your giveaway doesn’t have to send you broke but it has to be enough to get them interested… 10% off won’t cut it!


The follow up

We have talked and talked above about capturing information, but what you do once you have received that information is what will set you apart from the competition. 

Try this, after the market send each of the people who kindly gave you their details an e-mail addressed to them personally thanking them for visiting your stand at the market.  Don’t try and sell them anything just a simple thankyou for visiting, it was great to meet you will do wonders for your relationship, or potential relationship with them


I’d love to hear how you go?  Have you got any other tips that you find helpful?  I’d love to hear.  Comment below or e-mail me direct lauren@dancersmarket.com.au