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Isolation exercises to ignite you dancers motivation

13 May 2020 7:40 PMLauren Nairne
Isolation exercises to ignite you dancers motivation

I wouldn't blame you if Isolation has got you feeling flat and un-motivated.  You're not alone.  Now isn't the time to try and nail your 12 pirouettes or get your left leg mount, now is the time to hone your technique, take it back to basics and challenge yourself to look at dance differently so when you do return to the studio your passion is stronger than ever.  


I spoke to my Musical Theatre students the other day about what they are hoping to learn in Isolation.  I explained that maybe if dance was their strongest disipline then maybe they should focus on their singing.  Take every online singing lesson they can find (and there is alot of them out there) or if they are a singer first then dance every single day and build confidence.  Watch every musical they can find or learn lines (which is a skill in itself).  Take this time to see things differently, to do things differently.   

The bonus being that it is also an amazing way to stay motivated.  So if your dancer is feeling a little flat (aren't we all) suggest they look at the steps differently. 

Give these a try...

Isolation exercises your dancer could try:

  • After class is done and you’ve learnt the choreography.  Reverse it, see how long it takes you to do the entire routine on the other side
  • Break every step down into counts, it’s not as simple as 1-8 it’s 1 (and and a) 2 and a 3 and and a 4. Practice counting it as you do it. 
  • Choreograph your own beginning or ending to what you have already learnt
  • Draw the type of costume you would create for that particular piece.
  • Practice teaching the routine to a family member, taking it back to the basics.  Are they on the right leg?  
  • Do the routine with your eyes closed, can you stay on your leg?  Can you maintain your control?


What I hope is that dancers are using this time not to try and be ‘better’ dancers but to be smarter ones.


How are you doing in Isolation?  How are your virtual dance classes going?


We would love to hear from you in the comments below.  





Hang in there... It's worth it! 

Dance took me all the way to The Lost City in JORDAN.  

Imagine where it could take you.