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Inspiring Story

24 Feb 2013 9:00 AMSupport Person
Inspiring Story

After injuring her knee on the 3rd night of performances Celine took 2 shows off but came straight back. Her knee (honestly the size of a soft ball) was giving her so much pain but every night she would come off the stage and be thankful she could perform at all. Constantly saying that she felt she had been given a gift. Even though there had been difficulties she danced to show the younger members of the company that they should take each day and each performance as a blessing. This photo was taken before the last performance of 'Giselle' after careful consideration she decided that Sydney was to be her last performance. After 24 years with the Paris Opera Ballet she has been performing for longer than some of the younger members have been alive. She was a joy to watch and I was inspired after hearing her story. She says she will go on to teach one day and I think her students would be very lucky to have her guiding them!


Lauren :)