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I'm Sorry... I Think You Forgot Your Tights

25 Mar 2019 9:10 PMLauren Nairne
I'm Sorry... I Think You Forgot Your Tights

Disclaimer: The opinion in the following blog is the opinion of one person… me. If you agree, high five. If you disagree it’s absolutely fine, we still love you too.


I'm not sure when, I’m not sure how… but somewhere, sometime the industry has forgotten about those wonderful things that we call tights.


Lets start by outlining exactly what they do.


  • They make your leg line longer… who doesn’t want that?
  • They make your leg look thinner… again who doesn’t want that?
  • They hold in all the ‘jiggling bits… again, do I have to ask?
  • They disguise those little hairy bits that may escape unwillingly… yes I went there… SORRY
  • They hold you up, reminding us to pull in and up, stand tall and proud.
  • They give groups unity and polish
  • They stop friction with the floor
  • They hide ugly bits or bruises
  • They look nicer…


There I said it. I’m not really talking about Ballet tights because, thankfully, we are still loving these and wearing them…. For now.


I’m also not even talking about those ugly flesh tights that cut off your leg line in a lyrical number because I don’t mind bare legs 'sometimes'.


I’m talking about in Jazz or Tap or Cabaret. I’ve seen it and I know you’re not doing it.




If Fishnet tights are A-OK for people like Beyonce and Lady Gaga then they should be A-OK for you.





Now I know they can be a pain. See my 'cons' below


  • They rip
  • They are expensive
  • They get caught on stuff
  • You lose them
  • Etc etc


But I’m telling you they look a WHOLE LOT BETTER ON STAGE.


Plus, when you head into the big wide open world of professional jobs and careers then chances are you’re going to be needing a pair (if not a few pairs) of good quality fishnets.


Aerial performers often wear flesh tights underneath for extra support and reduced friction. As kids we used to wear flesh sheer pantyhose over the top of fishnets to stop them ripping on your costumes, but now I’m not sure why but I’m seeing them less and less.



To help my cause I’m sharing my favourite pairs below.

You can get them at your local dance store in store and online. Most good stores will have them.


There are also a cheaper option which is VERY suitable for the kids. It’s cheaper and it’s not as thick, because luckily for the kids they don’t need as much ‘support’ in the thigh area J


Capezio Professional Fishnets

Footed or Stirrup. The Toffee colour is popular and it’s great once you’re already applied that ‘tan’.



Pair those with...

Energetiks footed or convertible tan stockings.

Wear these ones UNDER for extra support.  If you wear these ones over it defeats the purpose as they are too thick to see through. 



And if you’re after something to stop them catching on your sequins or stones.

Try a pair of SHEER TO WAIST pantyhose over the top (you can get them at your local coles or chamist).  


I promise that there is a pair for everyone! 


Whatever you're after, a trip to your local dance store is your first stop.  


I look forward to seeing you all tight and polished on stage with nothing 'showing' that should be 'covered' hahah 


Lets be friends with fishnets. 


Love from your favourite fishnet loving dancer, 




Ps.  I am sorry not sorry if I came across a little strong.  Wait until I let loose on my feelings about jazz shoes!