Dancers Market COVID update
dancers Market COVID update

If you run a business without the ability to take credit card payments... click here!

2 Oct 2015 8:08 PMLauren Nairne
If you run a business without the ability to take credit card payments... click here!

With the ease of pay pass & 'tap and go' in our current market we have really begun to notice a shift in the way people pay for goods and services.  

Even the dog groomer who comes to my house has the ability to take credit card payments.... 


Don't get me wrong there are still people like my nan who, for one reason or another don't use ATM's.  They still withdraw money from a bank and only use their credit and/or debit card at very reputable providers.  But people like my awesome nan are become few and far between.  Most of us live a cash free existence.  It's so easy just to 'tap and go' we hardly need the cash. 


But if you run a small business without credit card facilities... You need every customer to be just like my nan (her name is beth by the way).  And lets face it you could be waiting a while.  By offering credit card facilities you double your chances of closing the deal and making the sale.  How many times has smeone been interested in a product but not had the cash?  They give you the 'I just have to find an ATM & I'll come back.'  Most never return.  When you run a small business who doesn't want every possible sale?


Paypal Here makes it simple to accept credit and/or debit card payments from absolutely anywhere.  



The process of setting up a PayPal Here business account isn't the easiest process in the world and the amount of paperwork is quite tedious.  The good news however is that once you get past the initial process of setting up a PayPal business account (which is different to your every day consumer account) Pay Pal Here is VERY easy to use. 


- Add products to the app to make it a functional point of sale system.

- E-mail the customer a receipt immediately. 

- Easily manage cash & change

- Using the PayPal Here tap and go card reader (available at good electronic stores) you can even swipe the customers card. 


And, just to add to its appeal if you are an online retailer who currently doesn't take credit/debit card payments, PayPal Here can help there too.  Take credit/debit card payments over the phone and immediately e-mail the customer a receipt.  Do I need to say any more?


Get yours today and ramp up your stall appeal at the next Dancers Market