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Ideas for Musical Theatre Lovers - During COVID-19

6 Apr 2020 6:58 PMLauren Nairne
Ideas for Musical Theatre Lovers - During COVID-19

Did you see our activities for Ballet lovers to do at home? 


Well today is those Musical Theatre tragic’s (me included) to have a turn. 


So much free content out in the big wide world of the internet at the moment my musical theatre loving soul bucket is   happily filling contrary to what is happening in the world around us. 


But this content won’t last forever, some of these suggestions are time sensitive so you need to be quick. 


Happy listening, watching and singing along (loudly because you’re at home and nobody can hear you). 


Full Length Musicals 



Andrew Loyd Webber ‘The Show Must Go On’ 

Together with Universal, Andrew Loyd Webber is releasing his back catalogue of Musicals on Youtube over the next few weeks/months.  

There is a catch though.  One musical is released every Friday (UK time) on Youtube BUT it is only available for 48 hours.  

If you go to the Youtube channel here, you can set a reminder.  

First up was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and this week (as I type) is Jesus Christ Superstar. 


Go, go go (if you know you know) and set a reminder. 


Click Here



The home of full length musicals, plays, ballets and concerts.  

There is something for everyone on there.  They offer a 7 day free trial and even in these times (where normal spending is so much lower) I’m expecting that the $8.99 isn’t completely ridiculous for hours of entertainment. 


On the top of my list is ’Sutton Foster Live in Concert’.  She is my absolute favourite.  (I wanted to name my daughter Sutton or Idina, my husband didn’t agree... sad face ) 


Click Here





Broadway Dance Centre

If you have always wanted to take class at Broadway Dance Centre, now is your time to shine.  The iconic facility in NYC is offering classes online for a limited time.  Live Streamed. 

The cost is 12USD but they also have some great free content on their Instagram page which is worth a watch to keep you moving. 


Click Here


Rockettes Live

My little 5”2 Frame loved this class with Rockette Katelyn.  She goes through a very quick warm up (but there are kicks so you might want to warm up before) and then teachers a combination from the Rockettes #christmaslights show.  


A dream come true for many I’m sure.  


Click Here




Musical Theatre Quiz

I love taking quizzes that I know I’ll be really good at because… well it just makes you feel good haha but this one is hard.  It’s a Musical Theatre Lyrics quiz.  


Click Here



Learn Something New 

Now might be the best time to listen to a musical you’ve never seen.. or heard of or add a new song to your repertoire and learn something new.  

Here is a great resource for Young adult & teen males & females (click here) 


Click Here



Whatever you do it’s important to do it, and do it every day.  Especially in these times of uncertainty listen, engage and do something that makes you happy.  


Keep dancing (in some way) 


See you on the other side 


Lauren xx