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How to define your ideal customer, and why it’s so important

26 Oct 2016 12:32 PMLauren Nairne
How to define your ideal customer, and why it’s so important



Do you ever get stuck with content ideas? 


Or a sexy caption to go with your latest Instagram post? 


Not sure if your customers will like your newest product, or latest change?


I Hear You… That Was Me Too!


Getting to know your ‘ideal customer’ is the fastest, easiest and most stress free way to figure out your next move, reach the customer who are actually interested in your product/service, make more valuable sales and reach your dream profit.


I’m not kidding…


They don’t ask for a discount, they appreciate the work involved, they pay on time and most importantly they tell their friends.  We call these people ‘raving fans’.


When you truly tap into finding these customers and understanding what’s important to them, what makes them tick and how to communicate with them you will notice a significant change in the ease of which you create content, answer emails, make big business decisions and operate with them in mind. 


I’ve outlined my 5 top tips that will help you find and get to know your ultimate ideal client.  


Open a blank sheet of lined paper, fill out these questions.  Once you’re done and you think you know who this person is.  Give them a name, and write a quick ‘day-in-the-life’ paragraph to help you really understand. 


It will change the way you run your business… always with your ‘ideal customer’ in mind. 


1.  Start with the basics

  • Are they Male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live? House or Unit?


2.  Then think about their life at home and at work

  • Do they have children?
  • How old are the children?
  • Do they have jobs?
  • What hours do they work?
  • What are some of their goals, short-term and long-term both work and family?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What gets them up in the morning?


3.  Think about Financials

  • How much money do they make?
  • Are they thrifty and shop for a bargain or do they only shop at the major department stores?
  • What’s their favourite store
  • Where do they buy their own clothes?
  • Where do their kids go to school?


4.  Brainstorm about their hobbies  

  • What do they do in their spare time?
  • What books do they read?
  • How much spare time do they have?
  • What are their hobbies?


5.  And finally, keep brainstorming about their interests and lifestyle

  • What websites do they like?
  • What social media platform/s do they use?
  • How much time do they spend on social media?
  • Where do they get their news?
  • Who do they trust?
  • Do they like to travel?  Where would be one place on their bucket list to go?
  • What words would they use to describe themselves and what 3 words would their friends use?


Now you know a really good outline, write a couple of paragraphs going into more detail about their day and what that looks like. 

Use it every time you write a blog post, caption an image, post content, answer an e-mail, promote a product, make business decisions or launch something new. 


It will be very effective in knowing that you’re talking to your customers in a more conversational tone and appreciative manner.


Let me know how you go in the comments below.  I can’t wait to hear!