How Dancers Deal with Their Period

30 Nov 2020 10:20 AMLauren Nairne
How Dancers Deal with Their Period

How Dancers Deal with Their Period



It’s inevitable and sometimes as a young dancer, you just can’t help it.


Your dancer’s period comes just as regularly as those monthly bills you don’t want to show up in the mail. 


How to deal with your period as a dancer.


  1. Be prepared
  2. Talk about what to do with your dancer
  3. Be open about your dancer’s options when it comes to sanitary items
  4. Make sure they are comfortable with dealing with it. 
  5. Do the math   


The most important thing is to… BE PREPARED.


Pack a ready to go sanitary pack in your dancer’s bag. We all know that your period comes when you least expect it and when you really don’t want it. Concert, ballet exam, class or that one day your dancer wears a white leotard. 

Have a pack ready to go and re-fill it regularly.  If your dancer is of an age where her period may start at any time, pack the sanitary bag and have it in your dancers’ bag before that time comes. You don’t want them to get caught off guard at an inconvenient time without something to solve the problem. 

Have a sanitary pack in your dance bag ready to go.


Talk to your dancer about what will happen


The conversation will be uncomfortable, and they will be embarrassed but it’s important, especially for dancers in leotards and tights and nowhere to hide. It’s important to not only talk to them about the bleeding but also about the changes they may experience in their body during this time (bloating, skin changes, cravings). This also includes pain that they may feel and how to avoid this (taking Panadol, heat packs, lots of water). Encourage them to tell someone (teacher, an adult at the studio) who can help and guide them if this happens.


It’s not an enjoyable experience as we all know but feeling informed and in control makes the process a lot less daunting.


Be open about the options your dancer has when it comes to sanitary items


They may not like the idea of some of the options but just like the point above talking to your dancer about all of the options available to them is the best way for them to get comfortable and feel in control.  Buy every tampon and pad available, applicators and wings, thick and thin, and let your dancer discover what’s the best and most comfortable option for them might be. 


Another amazing option is period underwear.  Unfortunately, wasn’t available when I was a dancer but people do swear by them especially amongst our community. 


Modibodi makes 2 fantastic flesh coloured options that you would hardly notice under a leotard.  One g-string and another full brief. In my opinion, I think it’s absolutely worth the investment.


You can read more about Modibodi here >


Do the Math


If your dancer already has their period and they have something important coming up (exam, concert, competition), help them understand how to manage dates and when to next expect their period.  Being prepared even if it doesn’t exactly make it on time is the best solution and will take out some of the worries.



What to pack in a period pack for your daughter:


- Pads (with wings and without)

- Tampons (heavy and light, applicators and regular)

- Spare undies

- Spare clothes

- Plastic bag

- Wet wipes

- Sugar (lollies etc)

- Panadol


Place this in a zip-closed bag, something that isn’t see-through (something solid) that you wouldn’t even know what it is and voila, you would never even know it was there.