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Change n Go - Forging Innovation

14 Sep 2015 10:02 AMLauren Nairne
Change n Go - Forging Innovation



Many of you know the struggles mum and I have faced over the years trying to fold up our camping style change tent - 'easily folded & stored' they say.  'Simple to assemble' they say... Lies, ALL LIES! 

We have struggle time & time again at the end of every market attempting to fold up our tent, and many of our stallholders experience the same problem.  We all have a good old laugh but really it's more frustration.  


Frustrate No More!!!!


I was chatting to Wendy from Simple Innovations at the last Hills District Dancers Market and I was excited to see the developments in her innovative product 'Change n Go'.  


Simple & light weight the idea is genius and it's changing the industry one quick change at a time.  It's important to recognise that Wendy has not only developed a product that solves many of the problems Dance Mums face in crowded dressing rooms with limited change facilities, but she has also developed a product to help protect the privacy of our kids.  An issue and a cause that needs more people just like Wendy, doing something to help! 


We have always been a fan of Wendy's portable change tent but when Wendy showed us the latest 'snap close' development I got so excited I think I jumped around haha. 



Problem SOLVED! 

It folds easily and requires no assembly.  It's lightweight and portable, perfect for a quick costume change or perfect infact for trying on that perfect piece at the next Dancers Market.  


Buy your costume bag HERE or find Wendy at the next NSW Dancers Market