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Hate Book Week... Spare A Thought For Your Dance Teacher

29 Aug 2018 9:46 PMLauren Nairne
Hate Book Week... Spare A Thought For Your Dance Teacher

Did Book Week Do Your Head In?


Was 1 or 2 costumes too many for you to handle?


How many times did you swear you hated book week?




Tonight, lets all spare a thought for your dance teacher.


He/she spends HOURS and I mean HOURS and HOURS and HOURS looking for HUNDREDS of dance costumes for your kids for their end of year concert, competitions, solos, duos trios, groups.


They source them, size them, bedazzle them, tweak them, order them and then sometimes even have to keep them….. oh, and that’s not just for 1 costume, that’s for the WHOLE STUDIO!



Being a dance teacher isn’t about working from 3 – 6pm every night and sitting around watching the midday movies for the remainder of the day.


It’s oh so so much more than that.


So the next time you’re complaining about your middle childs book week costume and just settle for something you have in your cupboard, step inside your dance teachers shoes for a day… and be thankful she/he didn’t do the same for your dancer.


Times your 1 costume by HUNDREDS and you might start to come close.





Credit to those amazing mums who just happen to be AMAZING at book week creations, I know you’re out there… here are a few I found on pinterest (these are not my photos).