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Christmas is coming - 5 ways to boost your sales!

23 Nov 2016 10:45 AMLauren Nairne
Christmas is coming - 5 ways to boost your sales!



Although I’m still scratching my head at how the year has flown by so fast, we have to realise that Christmas is right around the corner (32 days to be exact). 
If you haven't yet ramped up your strategy in order to generate more Christmas sales I've put together my 5 top tips to help you. 


  1. Join Our 12 Days Of Christmas Promotion - For 12 days from the 1st of December we will be running a 12 days of Christmas e-mail promotions.  We will be sending your great promotions & your greatest products to our 9000+ e-mail community and 8000+ Facebook community.  If you want to get on board and get your business and/or products included e-mail us here

  1. Send Strong E-mail Campaigns - Ensure your e-mails contain great images, lots of hyperlinks, a great subject and a very clear message.  You get only one chance to make a first impression in someone’s inbox or on the home screen on someone’s phone.  Make it count.  You can also send e-mail campaigns through other companies (like us).  This is a great way to reach a new audience and collect some brand new customers in the process.  E-mail us here to find out more about our e-mail services and how dancers market can help.  



  1. SALES or DEALS - Deals and promotions don't always have to cost you a lot of money, but they do work on encouraging your customers to spend more to gain a discount, free shipping or gift with purchase.    Whatever promotion you choose to offer make sure it's something super valuable, something they really want or need.  Make it irresistible! 


  1. Increase Your Facebook Ad Spend - If you have noticed your Facebook organic traffic is significantly down at the moment... you're not alone.  More and more Facebook is becoming a 'pay to play' platform.  We don't recommend 'boosting' your posts however,  if you're not doing form of Facebook advertising 'boosting' posts is a great place to start.  Take some time to set-up FB ads properly if you can, you will be surprised what an impact it can make.  Let us know if you need some help.  



  1. Let Google Ad Words Help You - You've set up your adwords, you pay the bills but you haven't really changed them?  Is that you?  If so, now would be a really good time to go back in and give them a little bit of a shakeup.  Include brands, keywords or phrases that are associated with the time of year.  



You can do it, with a little time and effort and a few small changes you can make a big difference this Christmas.  The Dancers Market is here to help with some wonderful services to help you boost & build your business.  For further information on any of the above feel free to get in touch here.