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Aussie Dancers Abroad - Tiffany Deluca

4 Jan 2019 1:01 PMLauren Nairne
Aussie Dancers Abroad - Tiffany Deluca

We are kicking off 2019 by sharing something we have wanted to do all last year! 

Celebrating the achievements of Australian Dancers who are doing amazing things abroad. 


With so many incredible opportunities outside Australia we hope that this series of blogs opens your eyes to the amazing life experiences and adventures our dancers can take.  

It really is an AMAZING life!

To kick off our series I asked my gorgeous friend Tiffany De Luca who is a lead singer on board (at the moment) the Carnival Vista.  Tiff and I were once competition buddies.  We learnt at different studios but came together at comps 4 or 5 times a year.  Once we had completed our schooling we came together again performing and adventuring around the globe as part of the cast and creatives for Childrens Entertainment company MEI WorldWide (more on that another day). 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing this amazing girl doing so well.  Her work ethic and never give up attitude is a testiment to how far she has gone and how well she handles the life abroad adventures. 

Here is her story! 


Tiffany De Luca 


I started ballet at the age of 4 I think. And then went on to learn jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap. 

I trained at Kay Horseys Coastal Dance Theatre on the Gold Coast. Roughly doing about 16 hours a week by my teenage years. I stayed there until I left school and moved to Sydney to study full time performing arts at Brent Street. There I did 8 hours a day. 5 days a week, for a year. 


I am currently lead singer on the Carnival Vista. Singing and dancing around the Caribbean.


I auditioned 5 years ago as a dancer, and have made the change from dancer to lead singer.


Hard question.... I think it will be next week when my Mother comes onboard to watch me perform. She hasn’t seen me on stage since I was a teenager. And also performing every night. Being able to do what I love and get paid for it is such a blessing.


Traveling! Being able to see the world and do what you love. It’s also great meeting different people from all different walks of life.


Being away from family and  loved ones. Missing out on weddings of friends and family celebrations and birthdays. Christmas is always a hard one too.


Don’t give up. And go to as many auditions as possible. Australians are known in the dance industry for their hard work ethic and great energy! So keep it going 💪🏼


Give 💯 always....


Don’t get caught up in things that don’t really matter. Focus on your craft and you can’t go wrong.


I have a few aussies where I work and they are some of my closest friends. I really love having them around. And we all try and help each other out. We have each others back. Social media is a great way to keep in contact with those in the industry too.


I have recently been chosen for a brand new ship. The first inaugural cast of the Carnival Sunrise. I am over the moon excited! I will get to work with choreographers like Paul Roberts. And do brand new shows. It’s a great honor to be considered for an inaugural cast so I’m buzzing to get started. I will start that contract in February. Rehearsals are in Miami, Florida. Then I will join the  ship in Spain in April.



Lead in a musical of course! Soooooo who knows. Maybe that’s next... stay tuned 😉


Photos of Tiffany on board the Carnival Vista 




Tiffany and her Mum on board the Carnival Vista