Dancers Market COVID update
dancers Market COVID update

Getting my house and routine back to normal!

6 Jan 2013 9:00 AMSupport Person

Like many of you out there today my Fiancé has gone back to work! Ppphheewww! It's not that I don't love having him at home bugging me about what he can eat for lunch or what snacks there are in the cupboard but i'm thrilled today I can get my routine back haha! I can watch the news and maybe even a little Doctor Phil if I need too... there will be no xbox or cricket for at least 11 hours today hooray!!! Love you hunny have a great day at work!!! xx

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Excited about the start of 2013

31 Dec 2012 9:00 AMSupport Person

After launching our exciting new venture in December 2012 we were overwhelmed with the response.

We have had a huge amount of interest and are we are so excited and passionate about what is to come in 2013.

Like us on facebook to stay up-to-date with everything exciting that is happening at a Dancers Market near you.

From our family to yours we wish you a very Happy and Safe 2013 :)

Lots of Love on the 1/1/13

Lauren & Sonia xx

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