Dancers Market COVID update
dancers Market COVID update

How to Change Schools Gracefully

10 Feb 2021 12:15 PMLauren NairneHow to Change Schools Gracefully

Thinking of changing your dance schools? Here are 7 things you should consider to change gracefully,

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Evolution National Finals Cancelled

26 Jan 2021 11:10 AMLauren NairneEvolution National Finals Cancelled

The Royal Pines staff all wore masks, seats were separated, and hand sanitiser kept running out left right and centre but overall, you wouldn’t know anything different… until the number on zoom appeared.

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How to Know if You’re Ready for Solos

12 Jan 2021 4:48 PMLauren NairneHow to Know if You’re Ready for Solos

Thinking about solos? Before making the commitment to compete in solos here 5 things to consider.

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7 Things To Do Post Concert

28 Dec 2020 1:11 PMLauren Nairne7 Things To Do Post Concert

It's that time of the year! The concert season is over and you've got yourself thinking what else should you do aside from unpacking boxes, duffels, and costume bags. Here are our 7 tips that can help you figure out things that you may not have thought about.

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3 Ways to Give Your Dancer 'Performance Opportunities' When Concerts aren't an Option.

17 Dec 2020 2:38 PMLauren Nairne3 Ways to Give Your Dancer 'Performance Opportunities' When Concerts aren't an Option.

Dance concerts still aren’t possible for many this year, and my heart goes out to you all. But just because you aren’t having your normal concert or recital doesn’t have to mean your dancer doesn’t get to perform. Here are 3 ways you can give your dancer the performance opportunity they deserve.

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