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9 Reasons Why Learning To Dance Makes You A Better Person

24 Apr 2019 8:13 PMLauren Nairne
9 Reasons Why Learning To Dance Makes You A Better Person


Maybe I’m preaching to the converted. But if you’re still on the fence as to why learning to dance is beneficial to your child then I’m here to give you the lesson.


It’s the best money you will ever spend… I PROMISE


Here is why;


Friendships & Teamwork

You find 'your people' growing up at dancing. You make life long friends and surround yourself with enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate friends.

The values we learn while dancing with a team go well beyond the dance studio. It’s when you’re having to play fair in an office argument when you’re 30 you will notice.


Listen Up

As dancers we have to take direction and listen to our teacher (hopefully). Kind of like listening to your parents… but that rarely happens. Practice makes perfect and dancers get a lot of practice listening to their dance teacher/s over the years.


Dancers have to remember multiple routines… that’s a life skill.

Some of us have trouble remembering our phone number and our husbands birthday… Dancers remember multiple routines (groups and solos) they remember their positions and probably the positions of their friends and hopefully they remember those corrections their dance teacher gave them too. Improved concentration and memory.


Put that on your CV… that’s an A+ life skill right there.


Note:  I'm 33 years old and I can still remember my 8 and under Jazz group ('This Is It' for those wondering).  

Not sure where i'll need that again but i'm sure it will come in handy.  


Strength & Flexibility

When we are all old and cripple. Your dancer will still be able to touch their toes and pull out the splits at their 40th!


Dance Starts at 5pm… not 5.10 or 5.30pm

When you’re part of a team. Showing up counts. You can’t be late and you have to be committed to the team.


You’re sick… you show up.


You’re broken… you show up.


You’re late… you apologise.


Accountability, resilience and commitment all rolled into 1!



Imagine going to a wedding and being able to dance to any song not just having to wait for the Nutbush.

It’s a wonderful feeling!!

Dance teaches us musicality and rhythm, lets just hope they marry someone who also has that JJ



They don’t give up easily

Dancers learn to handle rejection at a young age. You learn that you’re not the best all the time. You learn that you’re only as good as the practice you put in. Life skills anyone would want for their child.


Self Confidence

Sometimes a mirror can be harmful but in dance we learn that the mirror is our friend, that we should be watching the way we look and the way we move to help us improve.

Our body awareness and self-confidence is taught and hopefully nurtured from a young age.

We spend our lives in ballet tights and leotards… enough said.


Self Expression and Freedom

It doesn’t matter what age you are, dancing around your lounge room to your favourite song always makes you feel good. Dancers get that from a young age. They get that feeling all the time. They get to express them selves and let things go. They learn that dance makes them feel good.



You should try it too! It’s never too late.