7 Things To Do Post Concert

28 Dec 2020 1:11 PMLauren Nairne
7 Things To Do Post Concert

7 Things To Do Post Concert


If you’re anything like most, your post-concert vibe feels more like the flu recovery.  You’re tired, you’re grumpy, you’re emotional and everything feels heavy.


It’s like no amount of sleep seems to fix it either.  There should be a post-concert recovery centre, where you go and someone unpacks your belongings, helps you put your feet up, and serves you delicious food and drinks all day.


The list I’m about to share with you doesn’t include the need to unpack boxes, duffels, and costume bags.  But does include 7 things which you may not have thought about.




  1. Repack hair box

If you’re hair/accessory box is looking slightly bare after dress rehearsals and concerts, now is the perfect time to restock it.  The things that you need are fresh in your mind.  You might pick up a bargain with sales and then you won’t be rushed when the next competition, concert or exam rolls around.


  1.  Send A Thankyou Card

Remember those paper things that we used to send.  It’s been a big year and I am 100% sure there are people in your life that deserve a special thankyou.  Your dance teacher, the assistant dance teacher, a parent who helped dress your child at the concert so you could enjoy, a friend who carpooled all year to and from dancing. 

A simple thankyou goes a long way!


  1. Check tights for holes and replace

Don’t leave it until the day of the next competition to see if the crutch of your dancer’s fishnets survived.  Check them and replace them now.


  1. Order the DVD/ Photos

This is NEVER a waste of money… NEVER


  1. Write a little note to keep memories forever

Doesn’t have to be an essay, maybe just a few sentences.  Help your dancer remember how they felt and what they did in the year 2020.   With so much going on in our lives, if we don’t start to write things down, we run the risk of forgetting. 


  1. Wash costumes

Good Luck!


  1. Write a list of things that worked, things you could do better next time or things you want to remember.

Keep it with your box, save it for next time.   Your future self will be grateful that you made an effort to be better next time, to help yourself be less flustered and more organised. 



Your future self will be very grateful!