6 Tips To Declutter Your Dancer

10 Sep 2020 1:11 PMLauren Nairne

6 Tips To Declutter Your Dancer


It’s no secret that dancers collect a lot of ‘stuff’.  Leotards, shoes, tights… tights… more tights.  Pins, hair ties, costumes, bags and accessories.  It doesn’t take long before you’ve grown out of one drawer and then a cupboard and before you know it dance has taken over the spare room. 


Wow! I sound like I am talking from experience…


The honest truth is, before COVID I still had my 15yr old ballet tights, you know… in case I needed them.  I was well on my way to the TV show Hoarders and it wasn’t pretty.


So, if you’re like me I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel.  You can do it.


I’ve included below the tips you need to keep in mind while clearing your own dance ‘stuff’ and the areas you can focus on that will keep you on track.


Stay strong, you can do it. 


You’ll feel amazing once it’s done and have lots of room for new ‘stuff’ J


Declutter Your Dancer:


 - Tackle the biggest challenge first.  Maybe that’s getting your music sorted or sorting photos.  Whatever that 1 task is that’s holding you back, do it first.  Otherwise you will do everything else dreading moving onto that 1 hard task… and let’s be real you probably won’t do it.


- Spend an uninterrupted 20 minutes on the task.  You will be amazed what you can achieve in just 20 minutes.


- Keep, throw, archive.  The three boxes you should label and use to progress through the list.  The tights with holes get thrown, the costume you wore last year which you might reuse again next year you keep and the pair of first ballet shoes… archive!


- Be ruthless


- If in doubt take a photo


- Have fun… and maybe drink wine