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5 Ways to avoid getting yelled at in dance class

12 Jun 2018 5:27 PMLauren Nairne
5 Ways to avoid getting yelled at in dance class

Believe it or not… the reason you’re getting yelled at (or told off) in class isn’t because your teacher hates you!




It’s likely that you’re doing (or not doing) something that is driving them insane. It’s probably something they have told you to do another way 500 times before that you’re still not doing OR something that they have told the dancer next to you 500 times and you have never thought to apply the correction to you or listened enough to do it that way too.


Sick of being the one who is constantly falling behind or the one who always seems to be on the wrong side of your teacher? Here are 5 things that you can do to help you get to the right point of the triangle (if you know what I mean).


  1. Use Your Manners

It may be as simple as apologising for being late or not talking when your teacher talks. I almost feel stupid writing that down because SURELY this doesn’t need to be told… SURELY it’s just common practice & second nature. If you’re not doing it START NOW.


  1. Ask Your Friends What You Have Missed

We get it, life is busy and you can’t always make it to class. It’s actually not you being away that’s the worst part… it’s how you behave after that might be driving your teacher around the bend. Next time you’re away, BEFORE your next class ask your friends what you did in the class you missed. If there is Choreography you may have missed, try asking them to teach it to you. Even if it’s not perfect your teacher will appreciate that you have tried. It’s not fair on the teacher or the other students in your class that they have to go back and re-teach the choreography to you just because you weren’t there.


  1. Listen To Corrections

If the teacher is telling you something chances are it’s for a reason. By the 20th time your teacher is giving you the same correction or asking you to do something a specific way its frustrating. Fix it the first time, it’s what they are there for. If you disagree with the correction try chatting to your teacher after class and asking her/him to clarify. They are doing it for a reason!


  1. Be A Team Player

It’s 3 pirouettes not 4. If everyone else is doing 3 but you think there is enough music for 4 it doesn’t matter. There is no I in team… that’s what solo competitions are for!

  1. Check Your Attitude

Your whole life you will be challenged by managers, teachers, lecturers, colleagues, parents, in-laws, partners or friends who will say or do something that you;


  1. Don’t’ agree with


  1. Don’t like


You may want to do something one way that your teacher wants you to do another way and most of the time you just have to comply. Once again it’s not how you or whether you make the change it’s how you deal with it. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. You’re going to come up against people who will say and/or do things you don’t like or agree with your ENTIRE life. Make the change and move on. You don’t get a job on a Cruise ship and roll your eyes every time the Choreographer says it’s on the right leg and not the left… well you might but I’ll give you the hot tip, when the next round of contracts come around it doesn’t matter how high your kicks you won’t be asked back with bad attitude!


Happy To Be Here, Easy To Work With!!!!