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11 Dance Mum Mistakes To Avoid This Year

16 Jan 2019 9:55 PMLauren Nairne
11 Dance Mum Mistakes To Avoid This Year

If you’re heading into another year at your studio then listen up. Make this your year to be happy, content and enjoy your dance year. Yes, I said your dance year because lets face it you’re there just as much as your dancer and it’s a MASSIVE part of your life this year.


These rules are really just common sense, but in my experience there are still some people out there who just don’t see anything wrong with their actions…. (I hope if you’re that person and you’re reading this you’re REALLY reading this)


So here goes, if you read the next 10 things, laugh and think how ridiculous that any one would do that then we love you I’m sure you’re an A+ Dance Mum and you can keep on keeping on sista!


  1. Failing to pay your fees

Just like you would pay for your car service or your school fees, your dance teacher and his/her kids need to eat. Just pay your fees, it’s that simple!

HOWEVER – If you are having trouble paying your dance fees then chat to your dance teacher about a payment plan or some way that you can help pay your fees (cleaning, sewing etc might be an option).


  1. Being Disorganised

Know when your dancer needs to be at dancing and make sure they have everything they need to make this year their year. Seems simple enough but Black Jazz shoes can’t also be used for ballet class and vis versa, chat to your teacher or visit your local dance shop and they can help you out. Don’t let your dancer be the one kid who doesn’t have what he/she needs that’s not fun for anyone.


  1. Showing up late – all the time!

The first 10 minutes of class if often just as important if not MORE important that the last 10 minutes. The kids usually take this time to warm up and prepare their bodies so they can avoid injury, don’t let them miss that time. Get them to class on time.


  1. Making McDonalds your Thursday Night ‘After Dance Dinner’

As easy as it is to quickly pop into McDonalds and KFC after dancing on a Thursday night it’s not doing your dancer any favours. In an attempt to give them more energy to dance but also to spend a long night at dancing and get up in the morning and function at school all day they need good nutrition and a stable and balanced diet. Save McDonalds for after a long day at a comp… you will need it then!



  1. Forgetting to read your notes or not reading your e-mails

I hear so many people complain about how terrible their teacher/studio is at communicating but chances are… sorry to say it’s likely that you’re also terrible at properly reading your notes. Keep them, file them, diarise them, do whatever you need to do to be informed.


6.   Complaining ALOT

DO NOT sit in the foyer of your studio and whinge and moan about the new Jazz routine song…. It doesn’t do your dancer any favours and chances are it’s not going to make your teacher change the song. If you’re got a real problem them calmly chat to your teacher about it at a convenient time… not in the middle of class or at a competition (dance moms style… don’t do that).


  1. Stop telling your teacher what to do

If you don’t think there is enough ‘tricks’ (I actually hate that word but you know what I mean) in your dancers solo routine or if you don’t think your new Jazz troupe is going to win then maybe you need to re-think whether you’re at the right studio… hell if you’re that amazing at Choreography that you can determine that then open your own studio… go on try it… and then call me and let me know how much you love it!!!!! (Insert sarcasim here).


  1. Change your dancers choreography before the comp…. DO NOT DO THAT

Not only is it EXTREMELY rude to your choreographer and just plain bad manners it’s also extremely stressful for your dancer. Your dancer wants to make his/her teacher proud and going on the stage and having to do what Mum said in the floor section as apposed to what her dancer teacher said… The only thing you’re going to do is cause her stress and then she isn’t going perform it well, AT ALL.


  1. Force your dancer to practice at home

I strongly believe that forcing your dancer to practice or stretch at home without them wanting to do it themselves is a mistake. If your dancer doesn’t want to do it then don’t force her you’re going to develop a negative mindset around practice and stretching and really she/he won’t do it properly if they don’t want to and so that’s not really achieving anything anyway is it. Maybe talk to your dancer about a good time to practice and important reasons why they should practice and that way you can come up with a way to start a positive solution to at home practice.


10. Getting in the way

Have faith in your teacher, know that your dancer is getting the best training and is somewhere that they are happy, confident and enjoying dancing. If they aren’t then ask yourself why, and then ask yourself what can you do to help fix the situation….. Sorry to say this but maybe taking a step back and just letting your dancer and his/her teacher work together without you getting in the way is the BEST solution. Try it and see you might also enjoy the down time.


11. Being Negative Nancy

Your dancer got HC in a strong Jazz section when last comp he/she won. Who cares…really! Your dancer is probably more upset at your reaction and your constant carrying on than the actual results. If he/she did it better than last time then chat about why they could have been beaten and what they could work on (read your adjudicator notes or listen to the corrections on the live judging). Don’t sit and go all ‘negative Nancy’ blaming anyone and everyone, it’s not helpful and it’s not doing your dancer any favours. The next comp might be different (not might, it will) keep your head up, brush it off and move forward!


Whatever you choose to do in 2019 make sure you enjoy it together with your dancer, you shouldn’t enjoy it more then them (because that makes no sense) and if you’re thinking that you do then maybe it’s time to sit and have a nice chat about what they want to do…. If it’s soccer then I’m sure you’ll make just as good a Soccer Mum as you do Dance Mum (just minus the sequins).


We would love to hear from you below. What mistakes have I missed? What can you do better? What do you want to do better this year?


All my dancing love